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Archive for August, 2007

Employment Scam

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

My brother-in-law received an email who ask for processing fee. He applied a job for a London company and then suddenly he get the job for UK and now they are asking for processing fee…what the heck?! The sender want it in e-gold and/or western union for country Nigeria. That is why I assume it is a scam. Here’s the email:



Processing fee!!!#BL 000016121 ,27th of August 2007


“BL BESTLINKS” <work_in_uk@mail.com>


Mon, 27 Aug 2007 13:57:11 -0500




Attention: Allan n. Santales

Be Informed your documents and certificates was evaluated successfully.
You need to send in your placement fee so as to facilitate the processing of your working permit and visas.
Consequently, you are advised to make the payment of US$550 (Five Hundred and Fifty United States Dollars) for processing fee and Processing of your Work Permit and visas
Basically, payment is made through Wire transfer or Western Union
Money Transfer to our Payment Center in Lagos for Asian Applicants and Egypt middle East and Suadi Arabia only.
Thus, here are the payments Details:

1. Wire transfer:E-gold¬ Account Number….4689526 (BL bestlinks consultant ltd)
London, United Kingdom.
2.¬ Western Union Information:
First Name: Bella
Last Name: oluwole
City: Lagos
State: Lagos
Country: Nig

To confirm your payment, Send and¬ also¬ Fax to us your Wire Transfer Slip or your western Union Slip.(MTCN Slip)(E-gold informations Slip)
As soon as we confirm your payment, we would be at Liberty to send to you through Courier (FedEx or DHL) your Document, Letters from your employers, Letters from our Agencies, Receipt of payment, Terms and Condition of service, Your Contract for Endorsement, Parcel needed, etc.
Advice the receipt of this email on further details on your payment.
N.B. All Applicants are expected to make Payment Directly from their Country of Residence.(Please adhere strictly to this instruction to avoid Problems Related to payment of fees)

Best Regards.
Mr Richard Moore
Account Manager

Fax (44)870-389-0070


I told him not to pursue…Is it the right decision? I think it is. Regards to them. :)

Tools for Choosing a Good Domain Name

Monday, August 27th, 2007

My favorite tool for choosing a good domain name is spyfu.com. It is not a domain registration. But why? It is because I will see there the value of a particular keyword(s). I also see the competitors and their bids. The minimum and maximum they pay for a particular keyword.

Also I like the Keyword Tool External of Google, Traffic Estimator SandBox of Digitalpoint and Domain Suggestion Tool of Domainsbot.

Download Link

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Many Clickbank merchants didn’t recognize that writing these:

“Click Here To Download” “Clickbank/Keynetics”

in their thank you page means they loose sales because typing it in Google and you will see some of the digital products and of course it’s now free to download. Better change it. Agree? :)

Clickbank Mall Script

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

As many knows, I have RPQM.com which sell a script called RPQM’s Clickbank Mall. I have now adding another feature on it.¬ And you know what? Google love my script because I got several keywords that are in the first page. Also the Google indexed my demo cbjunction.webquartet.com for about 1320 pages. Right now the additional feature that I have in mind is adding an article management. Why? because Google loves good content. The beta can be viewed at clickbankmall.frienddrive.com soon!

Getting .EDU Backlink

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

I have backlink from Harvard Law School

So, visit that site and find the registration, it’s FREE. :)

I also have backlink from Adison.EDU as from my Previous post .edu Link/Blog Search

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