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Archive for January, 2009

Pig Gestation, Swine Feed, Pig Manure, Porcine Swine, Swine Livestock

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Pig Gestation, Swine Feed, Pig Manure, Porcine Swine, Swine Livestock are just a few keywords that people love to search when they want to get a good information about the pig industry. Since you are searching about the latest information about the swine industry, I’d like you to subscribe to free magazine subscription on the swine industry from Pig International.

Serving the Pig Industry Worldwide

Pig International brings you every month reports on current worldwide topics and latest product & marketing news in the Pig Industry. Regular features include; health topics, breeding topics, shows and seminars in the business.

Geographic Eligibility: International

Publisher: Watt Publishing Company

Other Resources from: Watt Publishing Company

Here’s some of the searches I’ve made:

baby pigs
bacon pig
berkshire pig
berkshire pigs
berkshire swine
boar pig
breeding swine
breeds of pig
breeds of pigs
breeds of swine
chester pig
chester swine
domestic pig
domestic pigs
duroc pig
duroc pigs
duroc swine
farm pigs
farrowing pig
farrowing swine
fat pigs
feeding pig
feeding swine
feral pig
feral swine
gilts pig
hampshire pig
hampshire pigs
hampshire swine
hog pig
hog swine
housing swine
iowa swine
kune pig
landrace pig
landrace swine
large pig
large swine
largest pig
national swine
oklahoma show pigs
outdoor pig
pet pig
pet pigs
pig boars
pig breed
pig breeders
pig breeding
pig breeds
pig confinement
pig diet
pig ear
pig facts
pig farm
pig farmers
pig farming
pig farms
pig fat
pig feed
pig feeders
pig genetics
pig gestation
pig gifts
pig hogs
pig housing
pig industry
pig information
pig iowa
pig livestock
pig manure
pig market
pig meat
pig noses
pig pen
pig pens
pig photos
pig prices
pig producers
pig production
pig raising
pig slaughter
pig sows
pig swine
pig types
pig weight
piggery farm
piggery farming
piggery farms
porcine pig
porcine swine
pork pig
pork swine
pot bellied pig
pot bellied pigs
pot belly pig
pot belly pigs
potbellied pig
potbellied pigs
potbelly pig
potbelly pigs
raising pigs
show pig
show pigs
show swine
sow pig
sow swine
swine boar
swine boars
swine breed
swine breeders
swine breeds
swine confinement
swine diseases
swine facts
swine farm
swine farming
swine farms
swine feed
swine genetics
swine hogs
swine industry
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swine market
swine meat
swine pen
swine piglets
swine pigs
swine producers
swine production
swine raising
swine slaughter
swine types
swine weight
swine yorkshire
tamworth pig
tamworth swine
types of pigs
white pig
white swine
wild pig
wild swine
yorkshire pig
yorkshire pigs

Cheap Magazine Subscriptions

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

I was searching for free or cheap magazine subscriptions when I thought why not searching what are the keywords used by people like me who want to search or subscribe to magazines. So I went to google adwords and search for magazine and free magazine and these came up:

10 magazine
alpha magazine
american legacy magazine
avenue magazine
back issue
back issue magazine
back issues
beauty magazine
bitch magazine
brio magazine
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cleo magazine
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free mag
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h magazine
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in magazine
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l magazine
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look magazine
mag subscriptions
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national geographic magazine
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new magazines
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online magazines
outdoors magazine
parenting magazine
parenting magazine subscription
razor magazine
readers magazine
rise magazine
s magazine
south magazine
subscribe magazine
subscribe magazines
subscribe to
subscribe to free magazine
subscribe to magazine
subscribe to magazines
swank magazine
trade magazine
trends magazine
twist magazine
urb magazine
waiting room magazines
weekly magazine
woman magazine
women’s magazine
women’s magazines
wondertime magazine
www freemagazine
ym magazine

With the keywords above, I know there are several people who will visit this blog post because these are targeted keywords.

Anyway, with my research I came up with three links and downloaded several free magazines. Remember the word “free” , yes, it’s literallyFREE.

Here are the links:

You can subscribe to several free magazines here


This is one of the free magazine subscription that I got. A free magazine offering practical advice and helpful tools from industry experts to help any website achieve Internet success.


This is another free magazine that I was subscribed and it’s from Oracle.

“Software as a Service Dramatically Improves CRM Success”

Explore the results of this Yankee Group study aimed at determining how on-demand technology can be used to improve sales effectiveness.

Although many traditional premises-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications promise a significant improvement and increase in sales effectiveness, in reality their strength is only in empowering management with a holistic view of the sales process. This has led companies to replace them with newer on-demand, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, but even that isn’t enough.

Gain a deeper understanding of the difference between sales administration and sales effectiveness and the role technology plays in driving revenue.


Enjoy! Hope you like it.


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