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Archive for February, 2009


Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Our Complete 2008 Collection of Financial Templates places 150 financial spreadsheets into the palm of your hand.  Any time you need Excel files to help you plan your business finances, work out product costings, run simulations on lease financings, turn the clock backwards or forwards for asset depreciation values, run cash burn calculations, consolidate departmental budgets, run quick analysis of investment returns using the time value of money, prepare balance sheet forecasts, run acquistion and reorganization analysis, optimise your balanced financial scorcard, help your business or clients to calculate business valuations, check solvency ratios, apply Monte Carlo simulations to work out financial probabilities and lots more – turn to our Complete Collection for the answers. You have your own secure download page or files shipped on CD.


You Save over $1,800 by purchasing all financial workbooks.


·         Investment-Calc 2008 (Price $169.95). provides instant Net Present values and Internal rate of return of periodic cash flows, future values of money flows, present values compounded between dates, present values of a recurring amount, present value of periodic investments, acquisition synergy net present values, cost of capital, terminal (to infinity) net present values.

       Incorporates beta values by sector for the Cost of Capital spreadsheets.

Includes a 30 page Guide to Investment Calculations with formulas and rate of return spreadsheets.

Plus Project investment analysis spreadsheets analysing cash flows, EBITDA, operating and after tax profits, average annual income and ROIC, net present values & IRR. Plus Bond yields internal rate of return, OID, bon amortization tables.

·         Asset & Lease Accounting 2008. (Price $169.95) SL/DB/DDB aggregate depreciation calculations for max 3,000 assets.

        Allocate assets to any one of 100 classes and 100 locations.

       Totals depreciation & book values for individual assets, classes and locations.

       Models depreciation and book values at any date.


       Lease Accounting 2008 aggregates repayment and interest balances for up to

       3,000 capital leases.

       Models variations in lease repayment terms anytime during a lease payment.

  • Master Budgeting for 1-10 departments.

  • Consolidates individual budgets year to date and provides monthly

  • variance analysis..

  • 12 months departmental budgets consolidated.                

  • FastPlan 9.16 for five year financial plans.

  • Develop  your 5 year financial forecast and transfom these into simulated

  • balance sheets, income forecasts and cash flows.

  • Quick 12 month Financial Statement Forecasting.

  • Cash Flow & Liquidity Forecasting 2008.xls creates a cash flow forecast to

  • 150 days horizon.

  • Calculate cash burn each day for 150 days ahead with CASH BURN

  • forecasting.

  • Excel Costing templates provides standard costing models.

  • Now includes Profit Margin risk analysis simulating profits

  • when different cost variances are consolidated.

·         Financial ratio analysis. Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow analysis calculates 50 key ratios,

        including operating ratios, shareholder returns, working capital, debt, sales days, inventory turnover, and liquidity.

        Includes Altman Solvency & Bancruptcy Ratios.

  • Bank Cash Flows _ Budgets _ Actuals_Forecasts_Variances for Excel.
    With this workbook you can identify each individual expense and income item.

  • QuickValue 2008 calculates the valuation of any business applying current valuation benchmarks supplied.

  • Monte Carlo Sales and Profit workbooks to help you set financial goals and model the probability of different scenarios.

  • Plus our complete library of financial workbooks includes Acquisition & Merger analysis, balanced scorecard workbook, portfolio rate of return workbook,  source and application of funds and many more shown below.

  • Plus free web page creation software for quick development and deployments of news content web pages.

Price $339.00. Save over $1,800 by purchasing all the financial workbooks together. Individual workbooks price $169.95 each.

Five Free Magazine Subscriptions

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

1. Profit Magazine: The Executive’s Guide to Oracle Applications

Industries – Data Management, Executive & Management, Information Technology, Software
Geographic Availability – International

  • Free Quarterly Magazine
  • The magazine caters to readers who use Oracle products and are looking for ways to become increase their success using Oracle products. The magazine provides clear-cut, compelling, step-by-step material relevant to technology needs.
  • This publication investigates the business impact of technology and provides industry and line-of-business intelligence to help you with your specific technology challenges.
  • Topics included in this publication include: Oracle Database, Linux, Java/J2EE development, enterprise performance management, business intelligence. embedded technologies and more.

2. Equifax Master Data Management

Industries – Data Management, Information Technology, Industrial & Manufacturing
Geographic Availability – USA & Canada

  • Free downloadable case study.
  • This case study investigates how Equifax utilized its own master data management capabilities to improve internal efficiency throughout the organization.
  • The data management system discussed in this case study integrates 2.1 million customer records which enables more accurate customer visibility
  • Discover how Equifax benefited from this Master Data Management and learn how your organization could do the same.

3. Recycling Today

Industries – Industrial & Manufacturing, Mechanical & Machine, Utility & Energy
Geographic Availability – International

  • Free monthly magazine.
  • This publication focuses on the business of recycling.
  • Featured topics include: legislative and regulatory issues, technical information, management of recycling processes.
  • The news and features within the publication are aimed at dealers, processors, material recovery facilities, and consultants and engineers who design recycling systems.

4. Managed Hosting Services Checklist

Industries – Information Technology, Internet, Software, Small & Medium Business
Geographic Availability – USA & Canada

  • Free downloadable checklist.
  • Use this checklist to develop the right questions, market research and criteria to select the best managed hosting solution for your company.
  • Questions in this list include: Does your company have the necessary hardware and software?; Will your business rent by the month or by the year?; What kind of uptime does the provider promise?; How much does the provider charge for space and bandwidth?; and more.

5. Internet Retailer

Industries – Internet, Retail, Small & Medium Business
Geographic Availability – USA

  • Free monthly magazine.
  • Internet Retailer was the first magazine published that is devoted to reporting on the Internet revolution remains the only magazine on the market with this exclusive focus. March 2009 marks its 10-year anniversary of publication.
  • Topics include: the latest technology trends, e-retailing best practices, strategies of emerging market leaders. Features include: web marketing and merchandising, monitoring competitive performance, web site operations, internet technology, and more.
  • This publication caters to store-based retailers, catalogers, virtual merchants. and e-business providers.

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