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Archive for December, 2009

Lyrics of Philippine Folk Songs

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Lyrics of Philippine Folk Songs

I’ve been searching for the lyrics of Philippine folk songs there are only few information online.

At opmpinoy.com of the user folk song, I saw the lyrics of MAGTANIM AY DI BIRO and Atin Cupung Singsing (tagalog version).

Atin Cupung Singsing (tagalog)

meron akong singsing
isang kayamanan
namana ko ito
sa aking magulang
aking pinakatago-tago
sa isang lalagyan
nawala na lang ito
di man lang napansin

ang poot ng puso(saloobin) ko
umaabot sa langit
naka-krus kong kamay(umiiyak)
sa taas ng mesa
sino mang makakita
sa singsing kong minana
kawawang puso ko
nakikiusap sa kanya


Magtanim ay di biro
Maghapong nakayuko
Di naman makaupo
Di man lang makatayo

Sa umaga paggising
Lagi nang iisipin
Kung saan may patanim
Doon masarap ang pagkain

Halina, halina, mga kaliyag
Tayo’y magsipag unat-unat
Magpanibago tayo ng lakas
Para sa araw ng bukas.

Magtanim ay di biro
Maghapong nakayuko
Di naman makaupo
Di man lang makatayo

Sa umaga paggising
Lagi nang iisipin
Kung saan may patanim
Doon masarap ang pagkain

Halina, halina, mga kaliyag
Tayo’y magsipag unat-unat
Magpanibago tayo ng lakas
Para sa araw ng bukas.

Here are some links that features the lyrics of Philippine folk songs too:





From The Author Robert Bell listed in articlealley.com:

Folk songs are, quite literally, songs of the people. And in determining the identity of a country, one can look no further than this form of music for clues to a particular culture. This list of Filipino folk songs offers a few examples of the many simple yet timeless tunes long since ingrained into the Philippine people’s consciousness.


This song is as familiar to Filipino schoolchildren as the “ABC’s” and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” are to kids everywhere. Credited to have been written by composer and 1997 National Artist for Music Felipe de Leon (1912-1992), it tells of the traditional Filipino rural house, the humble “bahay kubo” or nipa hut, and goes on to enumerate the various vegetables planted in its vicinity.


Also called “Tong Tong Tong Tong Pakitong-kitong,” this Filipino folk song has both a Tagalog and Cebuano version. It describes a crab that is delicious to eat, but hard to catch because of its snapping pincers.


Credited to Felipe de Leon, “Magtanim Ay ‘Di Biro” (“Planting Rice is Never Fun”) describes the tedious chore of planting rice. It has been covered by Filipino rock band The Dawn, and former president Joseph “Erap” Estrada even rewrote it into a much more “inspirational” version entitled “Kung Tayo’y Magtatanim” (“If We All Plant Rice”).


A popular example of the traditional Filipino love song genre “kundiman”, this song was made famous by Filipino singer and actor Ruben Tagalog (1920-83). The real title of the song is actually “Aking Bituin” (“My Star”), its current title having been derived from its first two words “o ilaw” (“o light”).


“Ang Pipit” (“The Sparrow”) relates the story a sparrow who falls off the branch its perched on after being stoned by a cruel man. It was co-written by Lucio D. San Pedro (1913-2002) and Levi Celerio (1910-2002). Named National Artist for Music and Literature in 1997, Celerio had composed over 4,000 songs and has even been included in the Guiness Book of World Records for his unusual talent of playing music from a leaf.


Another collaboration from Lucio San Pedro and Levi Celerio. “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan” (“The Swing of the Cradle”) is a haunting and nostalgic lullaby expressing the feelings of a child finding tranquil security in the arms of a loving mother.


This song describes the beauty and serenity of life in the countryside. It was written by Santiago S. Suarez and popularized by Filipina singer and “Queen of Kundiman” Sylvia la Torre.


Written in 1929 by Filipino poet Jose Corazon de Jesus (“Huseng Batute” 1896-1932) and later set to music by Constancio de Guzman (1903-83), “Bayan Ko” (“My Country”) was meant as a patriotic song protesting the American occupation of the Philippines. Since then, it has practically been a second national anthem for freedom-loving Filipinos, a theme song for some of the most momentous events in Philippine history. Its most famous rendition is the one by Filipino folk singer Freddie Aguilar.

It can be said that a country is defined by its folk songs. From this list of Filipino folk songs, we can gather that the people of the Philippines are a humble folk, full not only of mirth but also of deep aspiration. They are also an industrious people, with a love for the simple things in life, as well as a great yearning for peace and national freedom. And of course, the Filipino people are a talented lot, capable of crafting songs that reflect the nature of their beloved country.Please click these links if you want to know more about list of Filipino folk song or list of love songs in general.

Lyrics of Philippine Folk Songs

Promoting Your Affiliate Product Sites Made Easy

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Promoting Your Affiliate Product Sites Made Easy

Promotion can never be a walk in the park. That’s what most of us say. Promoting somebody else’s site for instance makes it much harder for you to attest for the said website. That’s how affiliate marketing works by the way. You are tasked to promote a certain website through your own website. It may sound like a hard task but in reality, that is not true.

Promoting your affiliate sites can simply start by enticing your website visitors to try out this particular product you are endorsing. If you are running a blog, you can simply shift your entries t the product’s advantage. Here’s an example.

You are currently promoting an Xbox website which caters to online gamers. The products range from Xbox accessories to online downloadable games. Your blog is about your everyday living experience, sort of a journal like website. So how would you shift your blog so it could help your affiliate to boost up its product’s sales? It is pretty simple. You could make your entry for one day something like – you are bored and tried to look for something to do. Luckily your cousins arrived and look what they have brought – an Xbox! So you hurriedly setup the console and played to your heart’s content! You must emphasize how you have enjoyed the experience, hence, now you are longing to buy yourself that same console. That’s when you will introduce the affiliate website that you have. You will then mention there how they will save if they go to these certain website and order. You know the drill – just make sure that you always say good things regarding your affiliate.

Here’s another example. Same thing – you have a blog and your affiliate site is for a Nintendo Wii. You could make your entry for one day something like this. You are bored and tried to look for something to do. Luckily your cousins arrived and look what they have brought – a Nintendo Wii! So you hurriedly setup the console and played to your heart’s content! You must emphasize how you have enjoyed the experience, hence, now you are longing to buy yourself that same console. That’s when you will introduce the affiliate website that you have. You will then mention there how they will save if they go to these certain website and order. You know the drill, you have to detail the good testimonies you have regarding the website you want them to visit.

If you are running a blog, you can simply shift your entries t the product’s advantage. That’s when you will introduce the affiliate website that you have. Promoting your affiliate sites can simply start by enticing your website visitors to try out this particular product you are endorsing. That’s when you will introduce the affiliate website that you have. You will then mention there how they will save if they go to these certain website and order. If you are running a blog, you can simply shift your entries t the product’s advantage.

In this manner, promotion of the affiliate sites will be much easier. No pressure on your part and the effect will be colossal. You can simply make the most out of your advertisement by simply using your blog to your advantage. It is like telling a story and at the same time, enticing to your target audience. Now that’s what I call effective blogging marketing.

Software Solution Company: Give Your Organization a Cutting Edge with Business Software Solutions

Friday, December 18th, 2009

In order to give your company an edge over others in today’s scenario of cut-throat competition, you need the assistance of software development solutions. A software development company provides you with an opportunity to enhance your company’s growth and profit by assisting you with robust business software solutions.

A software development company has to get into the shoes of its client to come up with an application which potentials are fully realized. In other words, it tries to understand what its client expects from the application yet to be developed. To this end, it goes for a series of feasibility studies at the first place. It analyzes the business operational nature of the company, the structure of the company, and how it functions across board. It then identifies problem areas. Then it analyzes out how the application can best solve the problem area.

The other responsibilities of a software development company include installation and maintenance of the applications it had developed. Such a company is staffed with experts and experienced professionals from different areas of software application development. They cater to different types of development such as e-business solution development, custom application development, web development, and general software development.

Talking about software applications development, the UK has one of the most reliable software development companies in Europe. You can look forward to software solution in the UK for quality and sound assistance. Not only are UK software developers well qualified, they are also updated with the latest available tools and technology of software development. These companies follow a systemic procedure and work ethics to provide their clients with quality, reliable, and on time services. They could be easily contacted online or on phone. Visit their websites to get more info.

A software solution company may also provided additional services such as software remodeling. This can be achieved only for customized applications. Since the company have the right over the software source code, it has the liberty to ask a software developer to redesign or remodel the software. This is done to ensure the software meets your changing requirements from time to time.

Network marketing made easy

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Are you certainly pissed off with the prevailing situation in the business market and waiting for it to revive? Do you think you would be able to make it up to the peak and earn much money just by depending on the present business of yours? Are you anyhow aware of the exclusive business marketing concepts that have been on the rise with the advent of Internet technologies and has been taking a big toll on the people’s mind?

All these would never have to worry you anymore if you have the right option of selecting the on-line network marketing as your best in class option to substitute your present business. This is rightly suited to be apt simply because there is no risk in on line marketing as the crowd that comes and uses Internet on line is increasing on a steady rate every day. Whatever happens, there would not be any fall in the count of people as even to know about the let downs and recession, people use Internet.

The best way in which one can make ample amount of money on-line is by making use of the state of the art on-line network marketing tips and tricks which are rightly intended to help you in a great way to prove your skill and talent of effective business making.  All that you would be required to do is to keep exploring several websites and know better about the on-line network marketing strategies and make the best deal out of it in a best possible way.

Choose Web development, Design and Software Application Development online

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Usually people build websites to show their important database of information as contents to the world after observing the benefits. So while we are about to design a website we need to know how to do web design or web development. These days, building websites is not a tough job at all but the help of a professional is always required. The Web Development professionals from Eprompt are skilled, innovative and very important, experienced. So it is obvious that a web developer and a web designer are the only vital parts of an online business.  

Web design means the complete look of a website, the way a visitor sees it. On other hand, Web Development deals with all the features of a website. Eprompt C is a web development company that offer development services and web applications, website designs, and desktop software applications for world wide customers.

Nowadays, the Internet has proven to be the most profitable and powerful way to promote businesses. The Internet became an indispensable channel for the growth of our businesses. To do this, in order to own websites we need programmers, designers with professional packages to help us build our online business. Even if it is about marketing and brand promotion or generating sales or niche penetration, you need to have a database on a website for your business to grow.

Web design is an elementary part of the construction of a website. Successful web design requires continuous efforts on the part of the web designer. Web development is powerfully influenced by the web designers because those need to understand the psychology of the visitors. Eprompt web design has a positive impact on the visitors who seek information from your website.

Eprompt uses a lot of programs, professional tools for web development services. The website development company is in a great demand because of the various advantages they offer. This web design company provides maximum online potentiality with a functional and most important profitable solution for your business. Also Eprompt challenge top web design and development companies and they bring you the best designed web sites and web page development work at affordable prices.

Web designing is a complex process of configuring the electronic files using planning, concepts, ideas, creativity, thinking, digital language etc. Then, the final product is delivered via internet in the form of multiple web pages integrated in a web site. Some websites have only page but it is advisable to have more than five and a website needs to be also easily accessed. The loading time also needs to be short. It is after all constructed for its visitors. Web development step requires quality content to be posted on the website. You must always follow what the customers are looking for, their needs. You need to be creative. Presentation is extremely important. The content of the web pages must be highly qualitative and unique.

The main purpose of the web designing process is to create an informative and unique web site in order to reach top placement in the page results of the most popular search engines.


Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Those who are in charge of affiliate programs care if you choose the best affiliate offer to promote. In fact, it is part of their job requirement to assist you in making this kind of selection. You are working for them as an online sale professional. This means that you get paid to drive traffic to the offer that the affiliate manager is in charge of heading. The hard part comes when you view the webpage of the program in question. Do you choose to get behind the site that is promising their top reps a new computer, a dream trip to a place that is known to be lovely, or the program that rewards its tops affiliates with 2000 dollars in cash? Your job as an internet marketer is to see clearly, and base your decision on the facts so that you can start promoting as fast as possible.

Picking the best affiliate programs to promote will increase the amount of cash in your paypal.com account, and allow you to let other affiliate managers know of the incredible results that you are capable of producing when you are presented with the right program.

Below are some easy steps that will aid you in choosing affiliate programs to promote:

  • Easily Reachable. Reaching your point of contact at the online business you are representing is crucial. Send out a test email message to determine if your affiliate manager is reachable before you sign-up as a representative. Chances are if you are having challenges reaching them at this point, they are too busy to respond to your inquiries later when you are part of their vast network.
  • Prior Results. Look for an organization that has shown they reward their partners for hard work. You can easily find out if a company is one of character by seeing what kind of reputation they have on Yahoo.com, Google.com, and Bing.com when you do some research on their company name.
  • Available Resources. Whether you have been an affiliate marketer for decades, 10 minutes, or 10 days, it is smart to have every weapon possible to drive traffic at your beck and call. There is no reason to make your job harder than necessary. An excellent affiliate program has a large number of resources that you can draw upon when promoting your offers. Choose affiliate programs wisely because you deserve to be rewarded for all of your hard work.

How Offshore Software Development Works?

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Offshore Software Development is a provision of software development services by an external supplier positioned in a country that is geographically remote from the client enterprise; a type of offshore outsourcing. The main reason behind the companies to use offshore software development services is the higher development cost of the local service providers. The global software R&D services market as contrasted to ITO and BPO is rather young and currently is at early stages of its development, but India is leading the world in this field.

Software development, including stand-alone applications, network applications and web-based sites and business applications can now be done easily and inexpensively offshore. Here we focus on the background behind outsourcing and offshore software development, and why you may wish to consider offshore software development for your future projects.

Offshore Software Development is not new. Companies throughout North America have been using developers in Israel and India for over 20 years with excellent results and high ROI. Although you may not hear much about it – many of products developed and marketed by some leading American companies are, in reality, developed abroad, or developed by foreign workers employed locally.

True offshore software development is done either entirely or very nearly entirely offshore. Contact with clients is conducted almost entirely through electronic communications. In very rare cases short visits or exchanges of personnel take place – and if so, only for very short periods of time. The ‘real’ software development work is done entirely offshore over the course of weeks or months. In very rare situations, it may be necessary and/or desirable to have an offshore worker placed in your workplace for a short period. This is a very rare instance and generally only necessary if you have a product or service upon which the developer must be trained before being able to participate and be productive on your project.

Benefits of Offshore Software Development:

Virtually every client has slightly different needs and expectations about how Offshore Software Development can benefit them. Some of them have been broken down into these main categories:

  • Cost reduction
  • Time to market
  • Experienced team members
  • Skills and development
  • Access to the latest, hard-to-find skills
  • Flexible teams, team scalability and employment terms

How to Choose a Medical Marketing Company

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Do you own a medical practice or are the head of advertising at a hospital? Do you own and operate a website that offers medical advice, sells medical equipment, or is a resource for medical based products? If so, you must seek out and obtain health marketing resources that can effectively market and advertise your medical business. You must find a medical marketing company that has a proven reputation and history of marketing and that has a positive resume that they can use to show you what they have done for other companies like your own.
rWhen it comes to choosing a medical marketing company, there are many things that you should consider. First and foremost, you must find a marketing company that actually has experience with medical sites. Many Internet Marketing companies do not have experience when it comes to hospital marketing and health marketing. Just because an online Internet Marketing firm may have a lengthy resume of companies that they have done marketing for, if they don’t have any health related companies on their listing, you should seek out another marketing firm. Marketing for the health industry is much different than marketing for a website that sells video games.
rA proper and effective marketing firm should also be very experienced when it comes to medical Search Engine Optimization. All successful marketing firms should have a professional web-designer and SEO expert on hand who has experience with medical SEO and hospital SEO. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Without this experience a marketing firm will be unable to provide your medical hospital with the type of effective and proven marketing that it deserves. That is because without proper SEO, web users will never be able to find your companies website unless they know its direct name or web address. This is not efficient if you want ‘every day’ people to be able to discover your website and services.
rThis is even more important if you sell products or services from your website such as medical supplies. You can’t expect people to purchase these types of products unless they can find your website. This can only be accomplished through effective SEO coding and content. Therefore, you must be sure that the company you choose to handle your marketing has experience in medical based SEO.
rFinally, you will want to obtain the services of an Internet Marketing firm who truly understands your vision and desires. You will want to choose an Internet Marketing firm that can take your ideas and turn them into a reality. You should not only ask the Internet Marketing firm that you are considering to show you their resume but you should also contact other companies that have used them. By doing this you can learn more about the Internet Marketing company that you are considering. People who have used their services are more apt to provide you with an honest review on these companies.
rAdditionally, you will want to choose an Internet Marketing firm who has creative and proven advertising practices. Once they have created and established your web presence, you will need them to direct web traffic to your website via advertising. If an Internet Marketing firm does not offer these types of services, then you should do more research until you find an Internet Marketing firm that is willing to work with you through the entire process of marketing your medical based company.
rTherefore, keep these things in mind: you need a company that has a strong reputation and resume, you need a company that has knowledge in web-design and medical SEO, you need a company who understands your vision, you need a company that understands advertising and traffic building, and you need a company that can do all of these things!

Know more about Expert Web Development Service Providers

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

In today’s world, information technology is changing very fast and has made rapid progress. This has created many new opportunities for IT services providers. The development of the websites is very closely relevant to the types of available IT services in the present market scenario. Therefore to outsource the development work of the website to the professional service providers is the best way to get your work done. There are various web development companies in the world which are specialized in PHP programming work as well as other popular programming language. Most of these companies use PHP for software development and web design development solutions. These companies are having team of expert and dedicated Drupal Developers, PHP Programmers and Joomla Web developers. Drupal developers and web designers are having enough experience and ideas to offer best solutions to their clients. Also they are prompt in response to any inquiries asked by their clients.

As they created good base, they can provide you with the latest web design, web application development based on the latest technologies using best solutions or custom made application development solutions as per client’s requirements. Their developers are domain experts and have the ability to understand the business ideas of the client and the actual needs of the users of the websites. They offer specific organized content for the websites which help their clients to achieve business goals. Before the work starts, the clients or website owners are asked in detail about their ideas, objectives and requirements. By involving the clients they are able to capture their real requirements, which help to avoid any problems in the development process. Due to that reason Drupal developers will provide their clients a customized open source and an organized implementation of their requirements in their websites. This will help them to reduce the business complexities that may arise and will also minimize the costs of operating the business.

The plus of the open services offered:

  • Easy installation, maintenance and low web hosting costs

  • Cost savings ranges from 25% to 65% compared to developing product from the scratch

Drupal developer helps their clients on how to be more productive in their business. As an outcome the developers are speedily making inroads in the IT domain through their expertise and experience. These developers are experts in various content management system designs such as Drupal Template Integration, Drupal CMS Development, Drupal Extensions Development, Drupal Modules Development, and Drupal Component Customization.


Viral Marketing Techniques for Evolving Technologies

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

The Internet has spawned a number of different business models. In so doing it has resulted in new ways to do old things and even newer ways to do new things. One not-so-new business model that has been reinvented by today’s technology is viral marketing.

While the word viral may at first conjure up negative images, with viral marketing it’s all good. In fact some marketers avoid the term, preferring to use one of the alternative terms. But whatever name it is called its aim is the same; to cause a marketing message to grow exponentially.

What is Viral Marketing?

In simple terms, viral marketing refers to the process of passing on a marketing message through just about any means available online. It is dependent on others to pass the messages along; the more the message gets passed around the more successful the campaign. Some highly successful viral messaging avenues are Youtube, Google Video and JibJab.

Other popular terms for viral marketing techniques are:

  • Wildfire marketing
  • Avalanche marketing
  • Organic marketing
  • Network marketing

Top Six Viral Marketing Techniques

A large number of techniques may be used to pass along a viral marketing message. Six of the most popular and successful are:

  • Get to people’s emotions: Once the message reaches the audience on an emotional level, it will get passed on as each one who gets it wants to share with someone else. The trick is to get people to react to the message, and it doesn’t matter if they love it or hate it. What is important is to get the audience to react.
  • Make it easy for others to pass on information from your site by installing links that can be easily emailed. If you write a newsletter, provide a section where friends can easily recommend it to each other. Use links that are easy to remember and a website address that is search engine friendly.
  • Article marketing is another good way to get your message across. Make it possible for others to post your article on their website with a link back to the original source or some other means of attribution to you. This attribution is generally in the form of copyright information. Article marketing is one of the most quickly growing forms of viral marketing campaign.
  • Set up an affiliate program for your product or service. As more people join your program they will get others to buy or become affiliates themselves. What better way to market a product or service than have others pass along the information for you? This is one of the key components of viral marketing.
  • Give away something for nothing. It is a fact that people like receiving freebies. Some successful viral marketing campaigns got their messages out simply by giving out useful products, information and services. One example would be the giving away of a free software which is really useful, but not as powerful as the paid pro version. These freebies must spread your message.
  • Dare to be different. People remember and react to new, unexpected things. So if you want to capture your audience and make them want to share with others, capture their imagination with something different. Quirky is good as people like to laugh at others or share others’ joys.
  • In essence, viral marketing is the process of creating a buzz on the Internet. The overall idea of a viral marketing campaign is for one little message or idea to spread like wildfire. Your goal is to capture people’s imaginations, touch their heart or even tickle their funny bone. It is rightly referred to as emotional marketing for a reason. Unlike viruses that make you sick, viral marketing techniques are definitely cool to share.

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