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Archive for September, 2010

Business Blogging: As Easy As A, B, C?

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Business Blogging: As Easy As A, B, C?

Business blogging is being leveraged by each and every corporation, worldwide. It is a marketing tactic that is so easy, that nearly any business can do it and do it efficiently. In fact, it doesnt matter what you do or say in your blog, the simple fact that you post will help you see a massive return on your investment.

So, which of the statements above sounds as though it could possibly be correct? Unfortunately, the title of this piece may have drawn some of you to read this far with the promise of the easy. And for that, we apologize.

We understand, wholeheartedly, that business blogging is in fact not easy. It is not a surefire path to wealth and success. Business blogging is a hard journey that begins with a daunting view into a blank page.

Can we make the process of business blogging easier for you? Most definitely. But first, we have to start with the ABC’s:

Ask Yourself

Why do I want to start a blog? Is it simply to join the crowd or do I truly have something to say?

Starting a blog because your top competitors are posting content all around you is certainly a legitimate reason to begin. But be aware, if your only reason for starting a blog is to sync your tactics with the competition, the chances of failure increase exponentially.

Before launching a blog, begin by listing out the goals you hope to achieve. Make these as specific as possible (ie ‘communicate software design thought leadership and best practices’, rather than ‘write about software;’ ‘increase sales-ready inquiries from manufacturing companies,’ rather than ‘increase sales.’) Post these goals on a wall directly in front of where you sit and ensure each concept you create is designed to tie back to one of these goals.


Keep your audience firmly in mind. All blogging basics stem from this simple statement.

For instance:

Blog regularly – every audience appreciates different post frequencies, but all engaged audiences share one thing in common: they like to know when the next post is coming. Choose a post frequency and commit.
Be concise – in any industry, blog readers have hundreds of options and have become adept scanners. Readers will retain, on average, only 10% of what you say regardless of how many words you choose. So choose each word you use carefully.
Build traffic – optimize your post for keywords used by your target audience, link back to your own supporting content or direct users to popular industry content. The more you use the language of your audience and direct to supporting material, the more you will quickly build a reputation of value. Which leads into
Boast value – regardless of industry, regardless of goals – the one constant rule in business blogging is that you have to say something that your audience wants to hear.

Your content is the value you bring to both your audience and your business blogging campaign.

Content can be broken apart into:

Content marketing – broadly, this is a term that means ‘to share information as a means of conversion.’ A blog post, in terms of this conversation, is a form of content marketing.
Content creation – this, of course, is the process of developing original or sourced material that becomes your blog post or posts.
Content curation – the process of finding, grouping, organizing and sharing content that provides your audience with more value and information.

Think of each bullet above as most predominantly supporting the bullet directly above it (ie content marketing is most predominantly supported by content creation.) The difficulty has always lied in the step directly before content creation. The aforementioned blank page.

Content curation is the long-awaited step that predominantly supports content creation. It is as close as possible to a solution that makes business blogging as easy as ABC.

In less than twenty minutes each day, content curation efforts can double blog output by gathering resources, ranging from news releases to related blog posts, from several different channels. Near instantaneously, this content can be automatically repurposed as an original blog post to offer to your readers.

While content curation holds value, make no mistake – business blogging is still a great deal of work. There is simply no automated solution that exists that can completely replace the creativity generated by original human thought. In other words, content curation is an invaluable life preserver, but the blogger must still learn to swim.

But content curation does hold promise. The promise of a shorter learning curve for a new business blogger in terms of learning what type of content appeals or doesn’t appeal to their audience. The promise of more traffic and faster results, on account of more promotable content. And, of course, the promise of filling up that previously terrifying blank page.

For more information, download the webinar ABC’s of Corporate Blogging or watch an online demo of content curation solution Curata by visiting our Content Marketing Resources page.

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Cover Letter For A Curriculum Vitae (cv) – The Way To Not Waste The Opportunity

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Creating a very good cover letter for a curriculum vitae (CV) which emphasizes your strengths and achievements will certainly aid improve your possibilities with employers. You really should distribute a cover letter for your CV each and every time you distribute applications. It really should point out considerable encounter and abilities, and it need to illustrate exactly why you are fit to do the job. You must appear professional however never inflexible. Grammar and typo problems really should be avoided since this can quickly turn off the employer or even the hiring manager.

A well-made cover letter for a CV makes it possible for you to catch awareness and also the readers curiosity, though you should by no means expect it to do every thing. It’s greatest to make use of it and plan in a way that it flawlessly matches a very good marketing plan-and it should efficiently encourage the reader. This really is critical in snagging the interest of the reader. The majority of resume cover letters are really short and possess nothing in it. Many are too lengthy which can bother the reader. Make it to the point and simple. Never beat around the bush. Your document ought to be in simple block form aligned to the left to stay away from odd long spaces. Computerize it and print it making use of a laser printer. Don’t make use of exclusive paper. Make use of business fonts such as Arial and Verdana so that it will be uncomplicated to read and fully grasp.

One thing to contemplate which will aid amuse your reader is whenever you possibly can “borrow” somebody’s trust. Most of us believe in an individual in our lives – whether it is friends, fellow workers or members of the family. For some reason, in case you’ll be able to “name drop” in the cover letter for a CV, and when it comes about that the name is associated with a person the reader is familiar with and trusts already, you’ll have the edge of that trusted person’s goodwill. This name dropping is referred to as “implied referral.” This doesn’t make the cover letter for a CV bad. It really makes the reader remember you quickly. Thus giving you the leverage.

Seeing that you’ve gotten the attraction of the reader to the cover letter for a CV, brace yourself for that coveted job interview. It’s essential that the cover letter for a CV may bring on something. This should end with an invitation for an interview or a assured call for an interview.

Never fret to request an interview. That may show the reader you are enthusiastic about undertaking business with them. The real reason for every single cover letter, resume or CV, and application is to have that coveted job interview. Your cover letter for a CV ought to help you get your foot inside the door.

About the Author:
To learn more about gaining an “unfair advantage” over your competitors, read this SHOCKING Top 10 Cover Letter Tips article!.

You can also visit http://www.InterviewMastermind.com for more psychology-based job interview tips for savvy job seekers.

Engage Your Customers With Social Media Management

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Randy Fordice hit the office one recent Monday, figuring hed blow off steam on Twitter about his inability to get an on-demand movie from Comcast the previous night. Once it was off his chest, he assumed hed be done.

Wrong. Comcast tweeted back.

Fordice and a Comcast worker exchanged messages, and by the end of the day, Comcast not only had apologized but also had traced the problem to one of its servers, thanked Fordice for pointing out the problem so it could fix it for everyone and told him to try again.

I was impressed it went from a Twitter message to an actual conversation to research to fixing the problem to a follow-up phone call, said Fordice, who is immersed in social media himself as a communications specialist for Great River Energy in Maple Grove.

The exchange is a sign of these social media times. Businesses, acknowledging the power and ubiquity of social media, are moving beyond just tweeting about themselves to eavesdropping on their customers, too.

Done right, companies can act on what they hear to improve customer service, polish their image and even glean valuable insights into their markets from a gold mine of data, experts say.

Done wrong, the viral nature of the Internet can turn one ill-considered comment into a nuclear hand grenade you cant let go of. Think Wile E. Coyote.

I think the Target debacle this summer put all companies on notice that the elephant in the room is social media, said Heather LaMarre, an assistant

professor of journalism and mass communications at the University of Minnesota.

When the Minneapolis-based discount retail giant donated $150,000 to a political action committee that benefited Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, who opposes gay marriage, dismayed Target employees began questioning the company. Then angry Target customers picked up the protest using social media like YouTube and Facebook.

The result was a financial and public relations meltdown as the protests blossomed into a call for a boycott. The company lost $1.3 billion in stock market capitalization at one point as its stock price skidded for a week, and its normally high BrandWeek BrandIndex buzz score dropped by a third over the course of 10 days despite an Aug. 5 apology by CEO Gregg Steinhafel. Target declined to comment for this story.

If Target gave the same amount of money four years ago, there would be a few disgruntled employees and maybe an op-ed piece written. But social media is a many-to-many communications tool, and its not controlled. Corporations have lost the gate-keeping effect, LaMarre said.

So companies are starting to pay keen attention to whats being said about them on the blogosphere. The catch used to be that it was information that mostly was out of the earshot of the business.

Until maybe now.


Im not tech-savvy at all. I make and sell handbags, said Emily Ironi, co-founder of Alexis Hudson Inc., a high-end handbag maker in Santa Monica, Calif., that sells its goods at Neiman Marcus and boutiques.

On the recommendation of her business partner, Rachelle Copeland, who lives and works in Minneapolis, Alexis Hudson Inc. hired Minneapolis marketing company Hello Viking to comb the Web for mentions of its handbags or other fashion news of note.

The idea was to pick the most interesting items and post their links in a constantly updated Handbag and Fashion Buzz column.

The business badly needed a social media buzz machine, but it wasnt something Ironi or Copeland wanted to take on. Were in the fashion world. We like pretty, tangible things, Ironi said, adding with a pause: Technology is abstract.

Hello Viking spun off the technology it uses as a separate start-up, called Curation Station.

Located off Hennepin Avenue in a scuffed-up office above an ice cream shop, Curation Station is trying to compete with an explosion of similar services, some from start-ups like itself and others from better established brands such as Dow Jones, Nielsen, Radian6 and Cymfony.

They perform similar functions, namely scouring the Web, using keywords to find mentions of business and products or industry news and then assembling their findings on a screen to be picked over by the client.

In the tech world, this is data mining, which sounds harsh and industrial. In the swirling bazaar of social media, its called curating.

The term is borrowed from the art world, because in the end, someone has to exercise judgment and, perhaps, taste to sort through the items worthy of posting or response.

Social media had just started happening, Curation Station co-founder Jennifer Iwanicki recalled, and companies would ask us, What do we do with all this content were finding about ourselves?

Iwaniki and her business partner Joseph Rueter started sketching out the features theyd need in 2008, founded Curation Station last year and landed their first sale this January.

The pair believe the tool speeds up the time-consuming process of finding and posting relevant content. It puts that content into searchable playlists that can be posted with a click, Rueter said.

The Tea Garden in Minneapolis, another Curation Station client, values an invisible social media trick: the ability to aggregate data.

That sounds technical, but for Dan Kent, co-owner of the chain of five tea shops, it boils down to lists.

Curation Station set up channels for different categories like bubble tea, and it scours the blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr for people who mention tea.

He used that function to sign up followers in Madison, Wis., so if Kent opens a restaurant there and he wants to he has a readymade client list.

Its not a hard-sell strategy, though. What I tell people is that if you have bad social skills, youre going to have bad social media skills.


Even play-it-safe businesses are drawn to social media but approach it like its nitroglycerin. So Brian Kennett hits the road for Shoreview-based Deluxe Corp. to train the check makers best customers banks how not to blow themselves up.

It doesnt have to be a cumbersome process. You can do it in 15 minutes a day, said Kennett, who is vice president of Deluxe Corp.s PartnerUp division, an online networking community for small businesses and entrepreneurs Deluxe bought two years ago.

PartnerUp is set up to help its 190,000 members find useful advice, and Deluxe wanted to help banks who buy its checks connect with PartnerUp members through social media, Kennett said while on a trip through Ohio and Michigan recently.

His cardinal rule for the banks: Dont respond to something if you cant help them with it, but if you do reach out and you can do something, get them to the right team quickly.

At Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, tech-savvy road warriors react well when their social-media musings are picked up, said Emberly Hermann-Johnson, public affairs and marketing specialist at the Metropolitan Airports Commission.

Besides using a third-party service to troll the information on MSP Airport for a daily report, she checks Twitter on her mobile phone every two hours.

Sometimes, the tweets are questions like, Are there any restaurants outside of security? (Houlihans, she tweeted back) or complaints about a lack of power outlets (she will tweet locations of power-equipped seats).

Her three-person team also trained five paging service representatives the ones who handle the white courtesy telephone messages to respond to Twitter this year.

Mayo Clinic has created an online Center for Social Media to train its employees and other medical clinics about social media, said Lee Aase, manager of social media and syndication for Mayo.

Instead of combing the Internet for patients, the Rochester medical center uses social media to let them come to it. The hospital posts podcasts and Web pages on rare diseases that get search hits.

One mother wrote on the Mayo blog about how her teen-age daughters symptoms, which included constant vomiting, had stumped local doctors. Then she found a YouTube video by a Mayo physician on one of his patients with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, or POTS.

Well, it was like someone had told me I just won the lottery. Here was a teenage girl who sounded exactly like my daughter getting help from this doctor, who was researching this syndrome, which seemed treatable with medicine, diet, exercise, etc. I nearly screamed! the woman wrote.


Best Buy, the technology retailer, is considered by many to have some of the strongest social media outreach.

Besides using free tools like Google Alerts and paid services to monitor the Web, Richfield-based Best Buy has organized online communities. The most recent is Twelpforce, more than 2,500 blue shirt customer service reps who respond to tweets from customers while walking the floors of Best Buys stores.

By digging into its community blogs, Best Buy uncovers reoccurring questions and posts answers for the entire community, saving everyone time, said Gina Debogovich, a senior manager who works in the contact center.

For instance, one Best Buy community connector noticed a lot of questions about the iPhone 4 before its launch this year, so he created a frequently asked questions column in mid-June and tweeted it out.

It was viewed more than 150,000 times, Debogovich said.

Its all about listening and being proactive, she said.

Jim Cueme, director of interactive marketing at General Mills, compared business reaction to social media to their discovery of the telephone a century ago.

All of a sudden, your customers could call you! And talk to you! he said after a recent panel discussion on social media sponsored by The Collaborative, a business group.

Thus was born the corporate call center. Companies now are setting up similar centers to listen in on social media, he observed.

There is an obvious danger to eavesdropping, of course.

Its like youre at a cocktail party and youre eavesdropping and you hear someone mention a particular product and you come up to them and say, Hi, weve got one of those we can sell you creeeepy! , said Robert Stephens, the charmingly motor-mouthed chief technology officer at Best Buy, who also was on the panel.

Better, he advised, to be spooky. As in spooky-smart.

That means noticing someones complaint and offering to help. Then you anticipate or guess the persons desires or needs all of which would be sifted out from a database of past interactions and geo-location technology by massively smart software, Stephens said.

Then people say, How did you know that?

via twincities.com

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Tips On Doing An Affiliate Research Used For Online Business

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Online business has been in existence since time in memorial. Online business has been a growing industry since it proved to be successful. Many have already joined this business venture yet there are still those who find online business hard to manage and some doesn’t have any idea about the whole system. If you are one of those who want to change their standard of living, you might want to try this.

In doing business online you have to know something about affiliate marketing. Essentially, this is seen when a dealer or a marketer is selling products or services of his affiliated merchandiser or producer. The only thing that separates online business from a usual business operation is that this is done virtually.

Starting with the Basics

Start by researching. It is very important for you to do a lot of research for your online business to be at par with your potential competitors and be of great quality and service to your target market. Remember that your basic foundation to be successful in this kind of business is researching because you have to know the ins and outs of affiliate marketing world. You might be surprised at the information and knowledge you can gain just by doing research. Still on the topic of researching, you have to know about your possible clients or potential customers, you have to know everything about them, their interests, needs and what they look for in a product or service that you are about to offer.

The complex part

In the event that you search for an affiliate for your products, you have to be very careful and cautious about it. Top affiliates should be your priority because they have already built their reputation in the business. To be partners with them is a very intelligent move to make since they offer quality products and services to their niches. You wouldn’t want to enter into a deal that does not offer these attributes because for sure you wouldn’t sell anything and no profits will come to your pocket so be very keen in affiliating with other companies. They may also help you promote your products to right people.

After you have chosen your affiliates register with them. Take note that you can do this with as many affiliates as you can, this way you can generate more income for yourself. Next, is the meticulous task of making your own website or blog to promote your products and service.

Finally, make sure that every word on your posts is something worth reading and interesting to your niches. It should capture your niches’ needs, hobbies, and likes to make them be hooked on your posts. This way more people would be curious about you that they will eventually check you out and see what products you offer.

About the Author:
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How To Use Plr Articles For Website Traffic Generation And Supercharge Internet Marketing Business

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Private Label Rights or PLR content material is extremely well-known on the web these days. PLR content material is actually written by a ghostwriter and marketed to other people to use as they desire.

PLR e-books, reports or even articles are special type of license that you simply invest in where you are legally permitted to revise and publish as your own. Since you have the right to revise the article as you desire, it implies that you can use it as your website content or even include your links to your website and advertise your website.

Listed here are a number of essential techniques you can utilize PLR contents to generate traffic to your website and improve on online marketing profits.

1.Supercharge your article writing and submitting with a couple of PLR content. Just about all you must do would be to basically revise the PLR article and modify them to make them your own. Making use of PLR articles will save you considerable time in writing your own articles. Simply by using and enhancing a PLR article, you will end up with a getting a powerful article that will provide traffic generation to your website.
2.Raise your sales by simply working on your reputation as a professional in your specialized niche. PLR articles help it become far more easy for you to quickly build your reputation as a professional. Give a number of the PLR content to your clients and build their trust. After that, you make some one time offers or perhaps suggest a few of your affiliate marketing programs to them, thus you have sales generation.
3.Increase your search engine rankings by submitting your custom-made articles. By submitting articles with your author resource box and web address, you essentially create one way back links to your website, which will help with search engines.
4.Produce and market info products with your PLR content. Revise and personalize PLR articles and put them together into an e-book or perhaps a special report. It will require a lot of time to compose an e-book, and it can also be expensive if you decide to get the services of a freelance writer. For that reason, it is possible for you to make use of PLR articles or e-books and make them more appealing to produce hot-selling e-books. You can sell these reports or let your customers have them totally free on your website. Whenever you give these articles at no cost, incorporate your website link in them. As a result, it will provide traffic generation in your website.
5.Make us of PLR content to supply an e-course or provide a newsletter. Creating a list is vital in internet marketing, and you may utilize PLR content to provide a great e-course on your website. It is possible to send regular email messages to your listing having a link to your website, this enhances the amount of people who visit your website as well as increase targeted traffic to your website. Maintain your list interested by frequently providing them with valuable content. You may already know that your listing is a vital facet of your online business. You can send these PLR articles to your list within your specialized niche on a regular basis. This makes all of them to visit your website frequently.
6.Make your very own article directory in your specialized niche making use of PLR content to further improve the search engine optimization of your website.you can even include affiliate links or Google Adsense in your article directory, thus increasing your website traffic and revenue.

PLR content can be utilized for website traffic generation and supercharging your internet business profits.

About the Author:
Not getting enough traffic? Let me give you my 7 best Traffic Generation strategies for free. All simple, honest and proven to flood your website with targeted traffic.

Scott McDonald

3 Top Ways To Earn Extra Income From Home With Your Pc & Internet

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

The other day a good friend of mine asked how he could start learning how to make some extra money online quickly and effectively during his own spare time. He told me that he had spent a lot of time browsing the Internet but at the end of the day, he was more confused by so many conflicting information about the best ways to start making money online.

So to cut out all the hype out there on the Net, I will attempt to share and explain to you the 3 top ways to start making money on the Internet. So let’s get started… shall we?

1. Selling A Service or Skill

First, you should be asking yourself this question… “What skill do you have?”

For instance, if you are a programmer, you can offer a service to build utility or productivity tools. Or perhaps you are good in writing articles? There are huge demands for good writers because everyone who owns a website or blog needs fresh content. If you are a good writer, you can write 10 or 20 articles in a particular subject and sell them as PLR (or Private Label Rights) article pack.

Where to sell your service or skill? Good question, to start… visit Warriorforum.com and DigitalPoint.com and look at the special offer section.

Other skills that are on high demand are web designer, graphics designer, search engine optimization or SEO, building backlinks, creating website, setting up a self-hosted blog, etc.

Another tip you can take home is to contact local business owner and find out if they are interested to get their businesses on the World Wide Web and also find out what services they need. If you have the skills to help them, you can offer your skills/services to them and thousands of dollars.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This involves promoting and selling other people’s products on the Internet and earn commissions. There are a lot of products you can promote as affiliate (both physical and digital products). But I suggest you start with the digital products like e-books, software application or services. There are literally thousands of digital products you can sell and earn commissions. Just visit Affiliate Networks like ClickBank, PayDotCom, Click2Sell, PayGear and MarketHealth.

Of course, affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to learn some important online marketing skills first if you want to succeed in this business. Some of the skills you need to pick up is… how to find a profitable affiliate products, how to pick up profitable keywords, how to set up an affiliate website that target on profitable keywords, how to write product reviews, how to optimize your affiliate site and how to get targeted traffic to your affiliate site.

Yes, there are quite a lot of things to learn in Affiliate Marketing but once you get the hang of it, you are on the way to earn some good money in this business. I know there are thousands of people who managed to earn a full-time income doing affiliate marketing part-time. You can definitely start this business one step at the time and scale up accordingly.

3. Facebook Marketing

I am sure you have heard about facebook and most likely you have an account in facebook as well. Facebook is the most popular social networking site on earth. Do you know that facebook currently has over 500 million active users? If facebook is a country, it is the 3rd largest country in the world after China and India.

Many people think that facebook is for teenagers to hang around because they have nothing to do… But this is not true anymore because time has changed… there are all kind of people on facebook nowadays and many business owners are actually on facebook looking for new customers or services.

Now, of course you can’t go in facebook and start selling aggresively there because your account will get banned if you do that. You should start by connecting and networking with like-minded people there first. After you have built some trust and relationships; then you can share with them what you have to offer.

There you have it; the 3 top ways to earn money online quickly and efficiently. Hope you find it useful.

About the Author:
Ok, I have shared with you the 3 top ways to make money online. If you want to learn more, check out these two links: Salehoo Scam and SEnuke Review. Thanks for reading this article.

Bridging Loans-helps You In Efficient Property Dealings

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Are you in need of money to purchase property? Bridging loans can be the best choice for such circumstances. Within a short period of time you can avail good cash. Bridging loans can be secured in nature. It can be valid to bad credit people also.

Those individuals who are buying new property and selling their existing one, bridging loans are a great help for those in need of finance .Since it is secured, the borrower is suppose to place his property, however, it may be the old one or the new one to place as security.

With bridging loans you can avail a good amount of cash ranging from 500-100000 and the time period offered will be for 1 to 25 years. It is very useful for those who want to purchase their new property but have difficulties because of their old property.

There are two types of bridging loans applicable, that is closed bridging loans and open bridging loans.

For opening bridging loans, if you are still looking for a buyer for your old home then open bridging loans can be a good option.

Similarly, if you have already financed the terms and conditions for both, selling and purchasing of your home then, closed bridging will be the suitable option.

It can also be available to all kinds of debts and defaults, CCJs, late payment, IVA, payment overdue, insolvency, arrears, bankruptcy, foreclosures and so on.

The following kind of people can be eligible for these finances. An individual should prove that he/she are a citizen of UK.They should complete 18 years of age and should have a valid bank account. He should posses a well employed status .The lender checks the employment status of the borrower.

You can easily apply for this online. This process is faster as it is not time consuming. You need not worry, within 24 hours the funds will be transferred to your account. Online method requires less paperwork and hence, the loan approval process becomes even faster.

About the Author:
Kelly Meliss is British writer. She has completed her Masters in English from University of London. She is working as a Financial Adviser with Cheap Unsecured LoansVisit for Cheap Unsecured Loans, Bad Credit Unsecured Loans and Loans for Tenants.

Contract Phones- Offer Affordable Deals And Latest Handsets

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

You may find your life standstill if you do not have mobile phone these days as this instrument has become part and parcel of our daily life.In the initial days mobile telephony was quite expensive, and service, too, was not up to the mark. But in the last decade or so it has picked up quite nicely with lots of new players coming in to the mobile phone manufacturing and services.This is quite good as far as the customers are concerned because it has created an atmosphere which is full of competition and they can hope for value for money services more than before.However, it adds little bit of ambiguity for customers as well,you need to be quite certain about what you need as there are numerous contract phones available in the market.So,it is better to assess your requirements and compare various contract mobile phones in order to avail the cheap contract phones deals.Once you start looking for contract phones you will find that there are many tariff plans available in the market by different service providers. Firstly, you need to be certain that whether you want a prepaid plan or a postpaid one. As there is cut throat competition in the mobile phone market all service providers are offering unique plans and deals to capture more and more customer base. There are many contract phone deals of 12 months, 18 months and 24 months which not only offers latest free mobile handsets, but also great offers such as free or reduced call rates for a certain period of time, free text messages, free minutes to make international calls etc. Because of tremendous competition amongst the mobile service providers like Orange, Virgin, Vodafone, Three and T-mobile etc. you will find numerous offers like; free LCD TVs, free laptops, free i pods, free Bluetooth devices etc. with mobile phone contract deals.
There are many mobile phone related web portals which allow you to choose the perfect contract phones without going place to place as numerous deals are displayed on these portals.Now, if you are looking to upgrade your handset go to these websites and avail latest mobile handsets with lots of free gifts and offers.

About the Author:
John Chelsea is an expert author of telecommunication industry.For more information about cheap blackberry phones and mobile phone deals at our online mobile shop.

Simple Yet Powerful Marketing Ideas For South African Business

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

You need to have one or two marketing ideas in your small business here in South Africa if you want to flourish even more and reach more buyers and customers. These marketing ideas will help you gather and reach more potential buyers who might turn into regular customers over time. Read this article and find out more about these ideas that could turn your small business here in South Africa a big and flourishing one!

The reason why some small business owners here in South Africa dont get the positive results they want from their business ventures is because they lack these marketing ideas. You need to apply these marketing ideas on your small business if you want it to flourish in no time at all. So to help you out I gathered some of the simplest yet powerful marketing ideas around the net today that would certainly help you out.

Here are the simple yet powerful marketing ideas for South African business:

1. Build one way links
This is one of the most in demand marketing ideas here in South Africa today. Many have already used and applied these marketing tips on their businesses which is why they are now reaping and enjoying the rewards from their business ventures. You can easily build one way links by simply having list in related quality directories, posting in related forums, making comments on related products, guest blogging, writing guest articles, submitting articles to different article directories and making social book marks on your site.

2. Dont link back to bad websites
This is one of the most important marketing ideas you need to consider if you want to gain the right value for your small business here in South Africa. No matter how great the site looks it is important that you check its background first before you link back. Make sure that it has a good reputation and could be easily search through search engines. Doing so will prevent you from acquiring problems on your small business here in South Africa.

3. Articles, articles and more articles
Now for this last idea, it is nowadays often suggested that you write high quality articles regarding to the kind of products or services you are offering. But make sure that you write keyword based articles as this will be search by the search engine. If you will write informative and keyword based articles then this will help generate more traffic onto your site and when this happen, there is a bigger chance for you to gather more potential and interested buyers. This is one of the best marketing ideas you can follow and apply on your small business here in South Africa.

Marketing ideas will not only help you reach more potential and interested buyers in a very short time. Marketing ideas are what those successful business owners here in South Africa are using today. No wonder their businesses are booming! So what are you waiting for? Go and try these marketing ideas today and see amazing results in as little as 3 days!

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Business Cards: Crucial Marketing Tool Of Businesses

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

When it comes to marketing a business, the amount of money you need to spend is quite considerable. This is because people remember a business much easier when they are exposed to its brand name repetitively through engaging products.

There are different types of marketing materials available in the market today, but they all have one purpose: to attract prospective customers to buy from your business and to create a good impression for the business. One such marketing item is business card printing.

It is actually difficult to go on business without business cards. Many business owners see the situation unimaginable. It would be such a disappointment to meet potential customers and realize that you dont have a business card with you.

In essence, a business card serves as a minute marketing tool that promotes your business and your products in an instant. It is the first signpost of your business that tells people what you have to offer. Overall, this small card creates your first impression with customers, making it important for you to include this marketing tool in your marketing activities.

Most business cards contain basic information such as your name and address, contact numbers, logo, and email address if you have any. All these information is important to the growth of your business as customers use them to contact you in case they need your products or services. Should there be no immediate need of your offerings, your customers would simply keep them for future use.

The question now is what is the chance of customers to keep your business cards?

The answer is actually simple. Everything will depend on the design and appearance of your business card. If you card is dull, uninteresting, and disorganized, then no one would be encouraged to keep your card. It is likely that your card would only end up in the garbage bin. This makes it important to produce business cards that maintain the excitement and interest of the customers.

So, how do you do this? Simple. You adhere to the needs and wants of your customers. Here are some guidelines to produce high quality business card printing:

1. Focus on the design. The first point is to look at the design of your business card. It is important that you choose an attractive design that is sure to pull the interests of your prospects. From the choice of color and font to the layout and arrangement of the images and texts, everything has to be organized carefully.

2. Paper quality. Contrary to popular belief, paper choice is important to business cards. The recipient should be able to see and feel your professionalism just by looking at your card. At first touch, the recipient feels the superiority of the paper, encouraging them to check out your store and see if they are interested in what you have to offer. This makes it important to invest in high quality paper in your business cards.

3. Printing. It is important to hire a good printer to ensure you get the final output that you desire. There are many good printers in the market today. You simply have to find the right printer fit to your budget and printing need.

Keep in mind that without a good quality and stunning business card, you will not get as much customers as you want. Likewise, your card is likely to get discarded ruthlessly like other dull business cards in the market. For that reason, it is important to give your full effort to create good quality business card design.

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