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4 Tips For Creating a Great Squeeze Page

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

We all know you need to build a list. ‘The money’s in the list’, ‘the gold’s in the list’… and I completely agree. To build it, however, what you need is a great squeeze page. You need a free offer that converts like crazy – something which turns your visitors into subscribers and captures their attention to the point where it’s something they simply can’t refuse.

Here are 4 tips for creating a great squeeze page….

1.    Use professional graphics

It’s important that the offer on your squeeze page looks professional and valuable. A great way to do this is to have some eye catching graphics made. If you can’t do it yourself then pay a designer to do it for you. Even though you’ll be shelling out money to create something you’ll be giving away for free, trust me when I say it will be well worth it because it will massively increase the perceived value of your freebie.

2.    Offer something of value

Even with a free offer you can’t get away with giving away crap. People are becoming increasingly choosy about what they will opt-in to receive, so make sure your squeeze page offers something which is actually worth having. Make sure it is high quality and if it’s unique to you then even better.

3.    Use an exciting title

As well as using the graphics to ‘sell’ your product, you can also increase conversions by giving your product an exciting title. Make it a complete formula or a system.  Use ‘buzz’ words which the top products in your niche use.

4.    Use something else other than ‘submit’

Don’t leave ‘submit’ as the text on your opt-in button. Changing it to something else such as ‘free access’ can greatly increase the number of people who join your list. I can’t prove why, but my own theory is that ‘submit’ is quite negative in that it makes people think they are joining a database (which of course they ARE) but what you need to do is refocus their attention on the fact that as soon as they’ve clicked the button they will be able to access their freebie.


Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Those who are in charge of affiliate programs care if you choose the best affiliate offer to promote. In fact, it is part of their job requirement to assist you in making this kind of selection. You are working for them as an online sale professional. This means that you get paid to drive traffic to the offer that the affiliate manager is in charge of heading. The hard part comes when you view the webpage of the program in question. Do you choose to get behind the site that is promising their top reps a new computer, a dream trip to a place that is known to be lovely, or the program that rewards its tops affiliates with 2000 dollars in cash? Your job as an internet marketer is to see clearly, and base your decision on the facts so that you can start promoting as fast as possible.

Picking the best affiliate programs to promote will increase the amount of cash in your paypal.com account, and allow you to let other affiliate managers know of the incredible results that you are capable of producing when you are presented with the right program.

Below are some easy steps that will aid you in choosing affiliate programs to promote:

  • Easily Reachable. Reaching your point of contact at the online business you are representing is crucial. Send out a test email message to determine if your affiliate manager is reachable before you sign-up as a representative. Chances are if you are having challenges reaching them at this point, they are too busy to respond to your inquiries later when you are part of their vast network.
  • Prior Results. Look for an organization that has shown they reward their partners for hard work. You can easily find out if a company is one of character by seeing what kind of reputation they have on Yahoo.com, Google.com, and Bing.com when you do some research on their company name.
  • Available Resources. Whether you have been an affiliate marketer for decades, 10 minutes, or 10 days, it is smart to have every weapon possible to drive traffic at your beck and call. There is no reason to make your job harder than necessary. An excellent affiliate program has a large number of resources that you can draw upon when promoting your offers. Choose affiliate programs wisely because you deserve to be rewarded for all of your hard work.

How Do You Have Success With Affiliate Marketing?

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Internet marketing has blown up in the past few years with more and more people looking to work from home. There are thousands of opportunities and ways to make money online, including affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has been around for quite some time and continues to hold strong. But have you had success with it?

Millions of people try affiliate marketing at some point in time, but many quit after a few weeks of no success. Just as with any home business, you have to be patient and give it time. But there are some things you can do to set yourself up for success.

The first tip to have success is finding a program that you are interested in. The great thing about internet marketing is that there are so many opportunities available, giving you the chance to find something you enjoy. Everything is much easier if you have passion in it because you will be more willing to put in the extra hours to promote the program.

Next, find a program that is correlated to your website in some way. It is extremely difficult to have success with affiliate marketing if you affiliate links of gardening sites on your car website. Take the time to find a program that is related to your site and will benefit you. It will take a load off your back if you can offer your visitors what they are looking for.

The fact that there is thousands of Affiliate Programs to choose from allows you to look for programs that pay well. You want to find a program that is related to your website and pays at least 35% to 40% residual income. There are some programs that pay as high as 70%, but 40% residual income will allow you to make a decent amount of money. There is no sense in placing a link on your site that pays nothing.

Lastly, make sure there is a way for you to view your statistics. Statistics say everything when it comes to the king of success you are having. Every affiliate program should have some kind of page that allows you to look at your statistics while you are working for them 24 hours a day. The internet never sleeps, so why should your affiliate program?

There is great potential for affiliate marketing if you take the time to find a legitimate program. Accommodating an affiliate program with your home business is a great way to branch out and income flowing in multiple directions. If you follow the tips listed above, you can have success with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Programs Money:A Great Earning Potential

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Affiliate programs are agreements between an online merchant web site and affiliate Web sites where the merchant pays for the Web Site to send them traffic. The affiliate Web site posts links in the form of banners or ads to the merchant site and is paid a commission by a particular agreement. If you have a blog or a Web site, Affiliate programs money can be quite a substantial form of income for you.

This arrangement is very beneficial for both sides: the merchant often receives quite a good number of traffic for a very small fee, and the person with the affiliate Web page can earn extra money, ranging from a few dollars a month to hundreds or thousands of dollars. This just depends on how much traffic your Web site receives and what kinds of merchants you are working with.

There are various agreements by which you are paid for affiliate marketing. Some merchants choose to pay per click. Others pay for each person who actually signs up for something, makes a purchase, or performs some other desirable activity such as signing up for a newsletter, getting a free quote or filling out an application.

Affiliate programs are most successful when affiliates choose products and services that match the content and design of their Web site. This is the key to being successful at making money with affiliate programs. If the material presented interests the readers that have been attracted to the Web page, they will likely click on them. It is best to carefully chose a few affiliates that are tailored to fit with the content of your site and interest your readers.

One mistake many sites make is to choose tons of affiliate sites, making their Web page too cluttered and advertised. It is much better to have a few affiliates that match the material presented on your site. Affiliate Programs money is a win-win situation for everyone.

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