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Sedo to Make Money Online With Clickbank

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Title is confusing but I decided to move some of my domains from Sedo to my server. I got several clicks using misspelled keywords but I only earn few dollars in it. So, I decided to make a redirection to my domain which is selling clickbank mall script at http://www.rpqm.com . My five domains that I moved out are:


This is a good move that I really want since the first week I put it in Sedo but don’t have enough time to do it. Now, it’s done. :)

Clickbank Mall Script

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

As many knows, I have RPQM.com which sell a script called RPQM’s Clickbank Mall. I have now adding another feature on it. And you know what? Google love my script because I got several keywords that are in the first page. Also the Google indexed my demo cbjunction.webquartet.com for about 1320 pages. Right now the additional feature that I have in mind is adding an article management. Why? because Google loves good content. The beta can be viewed at clickbankmall.frienddrive.com soon!

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