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How To Make Money Online With Safe Swaps

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Safe-swaps.com is a site dedicated to manage your ad swaps, buying and selling solo ads. There are hundreds of potential partners inside their members area and all you have to do is to message them or transact with them using the safe-swaps.com system.

To make money with Safe Swaps, you’ll have to build a responsive list. You’ll have to use an autoresponder that safe-swaps accepted. You can use aweber or getresponse to handle your autoresponder and the safe swap system will send your ads automatically.

When you already have an autoresponder, building your list is your next goal. You’ll have to create a very attractive squeeze page so that you can get more subscribers. With your squeeze page, you’ll need to add a one-time-offer (OTO), so that when they get your freebie, they will see an offer that is so tempting to buy. You’ll need to test your squeeze page and your OTO if it converts well so that when you want to buy a solo ads, you will get ROI or get more profit.

Imagine if you have at least 30% converting squeeze page and you bought 100 clicks for $30 then you can get at least 30 subscribers. Many internet marketers says that each subscriber is more than $1 when you know how to squeeze their wallets. So even without sales, you can still convert them using your autoresponder email series and until they unsubscribe. With only 2 sales for a $17 product, you already get your money back and added at least 30 subscribers to your list.

When you have a responsive list, you can sell anything to them. You’ll have to ask them some questions and you should give them good freebies whenever you saw one and let them know you care for them. This way, they will make more responsive and they will lick your ads or buy later.

Check your status if you can send 50 clicks to an offer or when you send an email. If you can send at list 50 clicks then you can sell it for at least $15. So for 30 days you can earn $450 in a month. Use that $450 to buy solo ads to make your list grow and make more profit. So when you reach 100 clicks per sending you can sell it for at least $30 and your monthly income will be double. The profit you earn must use to buy solo ads so that your mailing list became bigger. The bigger your list, the more clicks you can get, the more clicks you can sell and the more clicks you can buy and earn more in the process.

Just remember, you’ll have to buy solo ads when you test and think you will get your ROI or more profit. In other words, your squeeze page must have high converting opt-in rate, your OTO must be converting and/or very tempting to buy and your email series is also giving you profit.

Here’s the link to register for free ==> http://discount.safe-swaps.com/1prke/

What Makes a Good Autoresponder Sequence?

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Much is written about list building and how to go about it, yet you hear much less advice about the actual content you should send to your list once you have built it. What makes a good autoresponder sequence? What makes a good broadcast email.

1. Start by thinking about what they originally signed up for
It can be a good idea to make your early autoresponder messages super relevant to the free offer you had on your squeeze page. If people opted in to your list to get hold of a free product about Twitter then you know that your subscribers are interested in Twitter (or they wouldn’t be on your list) so sell them products about Twitter and give them advice on using Twitter well.

2. Look after your subscribers interests
Once you’ve built a list it’s easy to just sell, sell, sell, but what you really must do is provide true value to your subscribers. Before you add a new paid product to your autoresponder sequence or send a broadcast email promoting the latest thing, ask yourself if your subscribers will truly benefit from the product if they buy it from you.

3. Think about timing
Take the time to test out the best way to space your messages. Do you subscribers respond better if you email them once a week, twice a week, twice a month, etc? Try starting your sequence quite intensively and then space out your messages a little more as time goes on.

4. Become a trusted advisor
The last thing you want to appear is a salesman. Instead you want to become a trusted advisor to your subscribers, so talk to them as you would a friend and present the fact that you are recommending products that you think they will benefit from, not selling to them…

How to Get More Subscribers to Open Your Emails

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Having a large mailing list is all well and good, but if your subscribers never actually see what you are sending them then it means nothing. You need your list to be responsive. You need them to open your emails and hang on to your every word.
When I think about all the emails that land in my inbox every day, there are certain people I especially look out for. If it’s from a particular marketer then I will ALWAYS read what they have sent to me, purely because of who it’s from…
Here’s how to build that relationship with your list and get more subscribers to open your emails.
1.    Give people a reason to open your emails
If all you do is sell then people latch onto this pretty damn quickly! Even if they don’t unsubscribe in the first place they are highly unlikely to open your emails because they know that each time you’re trying to sell them something. Give people a reason to open what you send. Of course you need to sell from time to time, but also provide good content that people can actually use. Make people look forward to receiving your emails. You want people to see your name and think ‘hey I must open that because it’s from such and such a body and I know I’ll benefit from reading it…’

2.    Think about your subject line
Your email subject line is crucial in your quest to get more subscribers to open your emails. It really helps if you can either make people curious about the content or if you can convey the point of your email within the subject line. Both tactics can be effective – it depends on your target market, the style, and the type of email you are sending. I like to make sure that the subject line is relevant and related to the actual content.
3.    Consider the time
Sending emails on certain days and times will yield much better results than others. Again, it all depends on your target audience and where they live. When will your subscribers be at their computers? Try different times and test to see which times work best for you. A lot of people take the opinion that Tuesday is a good day, however I have always found it pretty poor and the competition is massive! Find out what works for you and don’t forget time differences. If you live in the UK but most of your subscribers are in Australia, for example, then don’t hit them when they will all be in bed!

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