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How To Make Money Online With Safe Swaps

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Safe-swaps.com is a site dedicated to manage your ad swaps, buying and selling solo ads. There are hundreds of potential partners inside their members area and all you have to do is to message them or transact with them using the safe-swaps.com system.

To make money with Safe Swaps, you’ll have to build a responsive list. You’ll have to use an autoresponder that safe-swaps accepted. You can use aweber or getresponse to handle your autoresponder and the safe swap system will send your ads automatically.

When you already have an autoresponder, building your list is your next goal. You’ll have to create a very attractive squeeze page so that you can get more subscribers. With your squeeze page, you’ll need to add a one-time-offer (OTO), so that when they get your freebie, they will see an offer that is so tempting to buy. You’ll need to test your squeeze page and your OTO if it converts well so that when you want to buy a solo ads, you will get ROI or get more profit.

Imagine if you have at least 30% converting squeeze page and you bought 100 clicks for $30 then you can get at least 30 subscribers. Many internet marketers says that each subscriber is more than $1 when you know how to squeeze their wallets. So even without sales, you can still convert them using your autoresponder email series and until they unsubscribe. With only 2 sales for a $17 product, you already get your money back and added at least 30 subscribers to your list.

When you have a responsive list, you can sell anything to them. You’ll have to ask them some questions and you should give them good freebies whenever you saw one and let them know you care for them. This way, they will make more responsive and they will lick your ads or buy later.

Check your status if you can send 50 clicks to an offer or when you send an email. If you can send at list 50 clicks then you can sell it for at least $15. So for 30 days you can earn $450 in a month. Use that $450 to buy solo ads to make your list grow and make more profit. So when you reach 100 clicks per sending you can sell it for at least $30 and your monthly income will be double. The profit you earn must use to buy solo ads so that your mailing list became bigger. The bigger your list, the more clicks you can get, the more clicks you can sell and the more clicks you can buy and earn more in the process.

Just remember, you’ll have to buy solo ads when you test and think you will get your ROI or more profit. In other words, your squeeze page must have high converting opt-in rate, your OTO must be converting and/or very tempting to buy and your email series is also giving you profit.

Here’s the link to register for free ==> http://discount.safe-swaps.com/1prke/

Email List Building Tips: Creating a Squeeze Page That Converts

Monday, November 28th, 2011

If you are attempting to develop a list, as well as should you have an internet site you must be, probably the most crucial aspects of your website is your current fit page.

Your squeeze page features 1 distinct job: converting visitors to subscribers. There are a lot of elements engaged when creating a high transforming fit page, nevertheless your ultimate goal ought to be to get to a 50% opt-in indicates or perhaps higher. This indicates half in the men and women traveling to your landing page enroll in your offer.

Here tend to be about three rapid tips to acquire your landing page converting.

1. Offer some thing involving value.

This seems fairly obvious nevertheless many people seem to forget about it. You would be amazed how many marketers expect to acquire opt-ins while offering outdated, poor accounts full of online links and also little to no useful information. This simply won’t work. You should offer something worthwhile that the guests will certainly want. Remember, you might be throughout for their email address and also the opportunity to always contact them, they really want some thing inturn to show you aren\’t likely to complete his or her email address along with ineffective emails. Your provide moves a long way throughout exhibiting your current customers what to prepare for from the emails. If your current offer is no good, how is it that these people count on far better from your emails?

2. Use graphics to help you market your offer.

You desire a professional as well as clean squeeze page. This is critical regarding increasing conversions. Adding artwork could go a long way together with making the landing page appear professional, just don\’t overdo it! Look around in squeeze pages in your niche. What forms of graphics is it using? Don\’t acquire these kinds of graphics, nevertheless find an idea of just what seems very good trying to designed professional looking artwork into your own fit page. This can incorporate headers, arrows, bullet points, as well as e-book covers.

3. Be exciting.

You would like these potential customers to be anxious about subscribing. Your offer needs to be interesting along with valuable. Come up having an appealing title and also be sure you say to them exactly why they need to sign up for the offer. Don\’t simply speak in regards to the characteristics of your totally free product as well as offer, speak regarding the troubles it’ll solve. For example, in lieu of detailing your free record contains five ways to aid remove rear pain, discuss precisely how right after looking over this survey and applying what on earth is inside of that they can spend more time taking part in using children as well as savoring activities they are not able to be involved in because of the again pain.

4. Change the writing on the publish switch to your opt-in box.

For the majority of email responder the fall behind textual content on the distribute key will likely be \’Submit.\’ Change that up. Turn that button in to a call in order to action, merely easy to be clicked. Change this for you to similar to \’Download Now\’ or even \’Send myself our totally free report!\’ It aids the lot. It highlights that simply by clicking which button are going to getting their particular totally free gift, causing them to be significantly more prone to accomplish it. This simple alter can easily considerably reprogram your transformation means for your better.

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Email List Building Tips: 3 Tips regarding Building a new Strong Relationship With Your List

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

As a world wide web marketer, your own checklist can be your most significant assets, but exactly how excellent of an property it can be will depend on on a few things. What you would like is often a specific list of people ready and willing in order to obtain you. If you desire that, you have to build a connection with your list, which in turn isn\’t usually easy and simple thing in the event you don\’t realize how to it. These suggestions may seem fairly fundamental as well as typical knowledge, nevertheless many people seem to overlook them while establishing their own email autoresponder sequence or perhaps sending each of our broadcasts. As an individual read every tip, actually think about your personal list. Are you truly carrying out all three of these things?

1. Only e-mail your current listing provides that may profit all of them along with match his or her interests.

If you have a record this is probably the primary approach a person cash in on it. Before a person distribute a new send out as well as set up a great auto responder series, think in every offer. Ask yourself, “Will this profit my list? Is that a thing they will truly want?” If the answer is yes, opt for it! If the answer then is no, rubbish in which email. Sure, you happen to be missing several probable profit, but the hot button is to create have confidence in along with your list. Sending presents inconsequential to your list, and even worse, offers that don\’t truly gain them, can mean you can drop the two trust along with subscribers.

2. Make your current email messages articles rich and interesting.

You would like your current customers for you to anticipate just about every email. When that electronic mail visits their particular email address you need them to visit your name and believe “I ought to examine that will appropriate away!” You do that by providing worth using each and every email. Share information inside your niche, stories, anything that will get the viewers desperate to open each and every email you send. You feel like pitch, nevertheless frequency as part of your articles rich messages so they don\’t feel like you are only mailing to toss in order to them.

You likewise want to try and help to make your own emails interesting. Let your own persona shine through and make sure they know you’re person mailing these kind of emails. Share stories with regards to yourself, link for a Twitter along with Facebook, provide them with interesting facts. If your readers feel like they are fully aware a person they may trust an individual more.

3. Give out freebies.

There offers some controversy about how frequently you ought to offer freebies, nevertheless everyone agrees they may be the best way to build rely on and maintain record happy. Of course, don\’t regarding any freebie, provide them with high quality giveaways that they’ll love. For instance, if you find a good, excellent PLR statement inside your niche, maybe it’s a fantastic freebie. Don\’t feel as if an individual can\’t put an affiliate hyperlink as well as a couple of within though!

All of these suggestions fundamentally conclude the same thing: maintain your provides passions within mind. You these kind of appear more as being a trustworthy good friend or even mechanic than a salesperson. Always consider if the future prospect will find price inside your messages before you send them person checklist can be far more having faith in and much more responsive.

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Email List Building Tips: Should I Use Personalization in Autoresponder Emails?

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

There is much argument in between entrepreneurs regarding personalization within your email autoresponder emails. Personalization is environment your current emails to include the actual subscriber\’s title in the emails. Many individuals to help you to help elevate their particular open up prices and earn points much more particular person and some accept is as true tends to make e-mail look a lot more like spam. Ultimately the idea is perfectly up to every individual. It may be with regard to you, it may not. To assist you to decide, let\’s examine the professionals as well as cons.

First, check out a number of the advantages for personalization.

One of the significant reasons is it may help buy your emails noticed. When somebody recognizes their brand that they normally cease along with please take a next glance at the than line. This increases your odds they may wide open them. It can be another far more delicate as well as risk-free way of sketching interest as compared to exaggerated when compared with lines, that may easily obtain designated while unsolicited mail or perhaps deleted.

Personalized messages additionally help build interactions simply by assisting people feel like there is a lot more of an one-on-one relationship. It also helps reveal choice to be able to send. Even should your readers doesn\’t don’t forget placing their particular title with your opt-in box, the actual add-on of these brand offers them the thought they requested because of this data driving them to much prone to browse the a new ready for to discover details they asked for or want to buy it in.

While that most appears great, additionally , there are many factors to not utilize personalization. One in the major causes is it is a personal client coming into their own email. Many tend not to feel at ease giving out their identify so that they will offer any artificial name. Other periods they will often misspell that or otherwise not make use of correct capitalization. If all of these happen your own personal a can have these types of completely wrong labels that may hold the reverse effect, generating your current emails search more like spam. In fact, some people even make use of an artificial identify for the sole reason for selection away messages through opt-ins.

Even in case their title will be correct, personalization can certainly still bring about problems. There is usually could be the probability of your personal error! Always test out your emails, the worst thing you want to do can be mistype your own customization rule along with mail out that a new for your subscribers.

Another thing to note can be some people don\’t much like the personalized touch of getting his or her brand inside e-mail via individuals they will don\’t know. If you have personalization, try not to drink too much or you will abandon your reader experiencing uncomfortable.

All along with all, customization is something you will need to determine on the own. Consider your own specialized niche as well as audience. Some people reply personalized personalization. If a person aren\’t certain analyze the two to see exactly what the open, click, along with unsubscribe charges are. Figure out there exactly what works best for you and your list.

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Email List Building Tips: Creating Subject Lines That Capture Attention

Friday, November 25th, 2011

In marketing via email your own issue collection is much like your own headline. It will be first thing your current customer views and also the key inside their decision to see your current email, not examine it, or even delete it. Obviously your current subject line is something that thought a certain amount of considered then, right? So how would you build the right breathtaking issue line that suggests to become visited on?

There is not any sure-fire formula that could promise your own electronic mail becomes opened, but there are many actions to raise your chances. As an individual read through this kind of article, look at the your current auto responder campaigns along with the best way to enhance your issue lines to get additional opens.

Don\’t forget the “from” line. I don\’t mean you should change your business in your e-mail or perhaps anything, I necessarily mean don\’t it it really is there. Your customer will dsicover whom the e-mail is actually through so there’s no need to be able to do it again that in the topic line. Rather, you need to use which room to attract awareness to your email. If the communication is a component of the newsletter, it may be useful to brand the newsletter the idea the specific newsletter in the subject matter line, otherwise let the “from” series perform its job!

Keep your own issue range short. Many e-mail consumers have a very personality limit, at times as little as 55 characters, for the subject matter line therefore you need to get just what you need to point out available within because couple of terms while possible. You don\’t want your own topic series to be block during a significant word or even just before a crucial point!

Don\’t help make your subject line spam-line. Not only can this specific get your email removed or marked because spam, it can also get it sent correct to the crap package with out hitting the inbox. Avoid exclamation factors or strange, non-standard characters. If you are providing one thing free, don\’t use “free” as the 1st expression inside your subject matter line. Many junk filter systems can filtration system your current email with regard to it. Instead put it a few words in. You additionally desire to be trustworthy regarding what exactly is in the email.

If you might be caught up with regard to ideas, 2 proper to create issue outlines are choosing intriguing items within the news, or perhaps employing open broken questions. Read newspapers, observe the actual news, and find out if you’re able to use those to your emails any time writing issue lines. Especially with questionable news, these types of can be perfect for drawing attention.

In the final though, just like anything else with record building, it comes to knowing the specialized niche as well as audience, after that testing to view exactly what presents you the best results. Test various issue outlines and keep track of the stats. Figure away exactly what works best for the list.

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Email List Building Tips – How Often Should I Email My List?

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

One of the most typical inquiries folks have whenever creating and also marketing and advertising to a record can be how often they should send out emails. After all, a person don\’t need them to feel like you are bombarding all of them anyone also don\’t need the crooks to ignore you.

The answer, unfortunately, is that there isn’t a wrong or right answer. There isn’t miraculous variety of messages you ought to deliver each and every week. It depends on both you and your list. How frequently do you wish to compose emails? Remember, you desire articles rich emails, therefore a part of how many times an individual e mail depends on just how you will develop content. Does your record answer properly in order to how many times you send emails? Don\’t be afraid for you to question them in case they would like to hear from you far more or even less.

A basic guideline should be to e mail everyday regarding the first few throughout after which it start decreasing that until you happen to be fact is three to four occasions every week relying on your own preference. This lets them to get to know you inside those people 1st messages consequently they’ll be getting excited about people three to four per week later. Now, that is if we have been speaking about your current auto responder series.

If we are referring to delivering broadcasts, or one moment emails, the harder important question isn\’t a great deal just how often, but when. When when you send out a new broadcast? The response is simple. Send the transmitted whenever you possess a thing your listing may reap the benefits of and enjoy which they need to notice right away in lieu of down the road with your autoresponder series. Is there a special restricted moment sale made going on they should understand about? Did you discover a fantastic blog admittance they will enjoy? Those are great good reasons to send out the broadcast.

The very best solution to recognize while and ways in which usually for you to electronic mail your record will be to think about their requirements in lieu of the own. With each electronic mail or even transmit think of your current list if they may appreciate what you really are sending. Will they will really WANT to take delivery of the email?

The main issue here is the fact that so long as you are offering a lot of value, the future prospect can look forward to your current messages in order that it won\’t matter how often an individual email. If you are just mailing points the members actually would like you’ll commence to find the equilibrium yourself. If you’re anxious you are response is many times you aren’t enough, send out a fast broadcast or add a P.S. for your up coming one particular along with tell them you want to pick up what they think and if you have created a strong connection together with your list, they’ll respond.

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Three Ways Of Building Your List

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Everyone talks about the fact that ‘the money is in the list’ and it is perfectly true. You might not however have a clue about how to actually start building your list and that’s where this article comes in.

Before you start you’ll need a few basics in place. You will need a product to give away for free, a squeeze page (a page on the internet where people enter their name and email address and join your list in return for the freebie) and an autoresponder account such as Aweber.

Got those? Ok, here are three ways of building your list…

1. WSOs

I have used this to great effect and it is a great way to kickstart your list building. To do this you must be in the internet marketing niche but if you are
I highly recommend it as a starting point. The Warrior Forum is an internet business discussion forum and the WSO section is a special place where members can advertise special offers to other forum members. The beauty of it is that the people who view your ad are going to be highly targeted and let me tell you now this place gets a LOT of traffic. Stick your free offer on there and as long as it’s a decent product you should see the first people joining your list within minutes of posting your ad…

2. Adswaps

Once you’ve got a small list (I would say of at least 100 people) then you can move on to adswaps. The concept is pretty simple – you find someone else who would be willing to mail your offer to their list in return for you doing the same for them. You’ll either need to find someone with a similar size list or agree to mail more than once. Adswaps are free but are a highly effective way of building your list.

3. Solo ads

A solo ad is when you pay someone else to send a broadcast email out to their list advertising your product. It is called a solo ad because the single purpose of the email will be to advertise your product. The key with this, as it is with adswaps, is to choose advertising partners carefully. You need to make sure that the list your are placing your solo advertisement with has subscribers who will be interested in your freebie. If they aren’t then they are not going to be joining your list any time soon…

What Makes a Good Autoresponder Sequence?

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Much is written about list building and how to go about it, yet you hear much less advice about the actual content you should send to your list once you have built it. What makes a good autoresponder sequence? What makes a good broadcast email.

1. Start by thinking about what they originally signed up for
It can be a good idea to make your early autoresponder messages super relevant to the free offer you had on your squeeze page. If people opted in to your list to get hold of a free product about Twitter then you know that your subscribers are interested in Twitter (or they wouldn’t be on your list) so sell them products about Twitter and give them advice on using Twitter well.

2. Look after your subscribers interests
Once you’ve built a list it’s easy to just sell, sell, sell, but what you really must do is provide true value to your subscribers. Before you add a new paid product to your autoresponder sequence or send a broadcast email promoting the latest thing, ask yourself if your subscribers will truly benefit from the product if they buy it from you.

3. Think about timing
Take the time to test out the best way to space your messages. Do you subscribers respond better if you email them once a week, twice a week, twice a month, etc? Try starting your sequence quite intensively and then space out your messages a little more as time goes on.

4. Become a trusted advisor
The last thing you want to appear is a salesman. Instead you want to become a trusted advisor to your subscribers, so talk to them as you would a friend and present the fact that you are recommending products that you think they will benefit from, not selling to them…

The Top Three Ways Of Kickstarting Your List Building

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Once you have a decent sized mailing list you can make money literally on tap. Send out an email telling your subscribers about a new product and you’ll start to see sales almost immediately.
Building your list however can be a little harder, especially when you are new to internet marketing, but never fear because help is at hand. Below I have outlined what I believe to be the top three ways of kickstarting your list building. Use these methods in combination with a good quality product and a decent squeeze page and you should start getting subscribers in decent numbers…

1. Free WSOs
If you are in the internet marketing niche then the WSO forum (Warrior Special Offer) is a great place to start. There is a small fee for making a post but trust me when I say that it is well worth it. The beauty of the Warrior forum is the fact that it is so active. Stick a post on there and you have a potential audience of thousands of people. I highly recommend it and if your offer is a decent one you should start to see your list building rather quickly. When your post slips down the pages you will notice that things start to tail off but all you need to do is pay the fee again to ‘bump’ it back up to the top.

2. Solo ads
They might be a little bit out of fashion but a good solo ad pointing to a decent free offer can generate you plenty of subscribers. Essentially a solo ad is a paid ad sent to someone else’s list. The key to success with this method is choosing a list with responsive subscribers who have a keen interest in the sort of things you are offering.

3. Adswaps
You’ll need to already have some subscribers in order to use this one but once you have your first couple of hundred it is a wonderful way of building your list. Best of all doing an adswap won’t cost you a thing! The concept is simple – two people who have lists come together and email each others offer to their respective list. Choose good adswap partners and you are going to see some excellent results.

How do you create a good subscriber relationship?

Friday, August 6th, 2010

It’s well known in internet marketing circles that you need a mailing list, yet few people seem to truly understand what it takes to create a good subscriber relationship. This however is the most important thing. It’s what will make you money.
In an ideal world every single one of your subscribers would open and read every single email you sent out, however this is never going to happen. What you want is to maximise the chances of people opening your emails and buying your products. Whilst some people talk of catchy email subject lines (and your subject line IS important) the ultimate test is the relationship you have with your subscribers. Do they open your emails purely because they see your name in the subject line? The answer should be yes…
Here’s how to create a good subscriber relationship.
1.    Put your subscribers interests first. ALWAYS. Yes you should be emailing them with links where they can buy things (let’s face it, we’re doing this for profit not fun) BUT you need to ask yourself if your subscribers will truly benefit from the product. If the answer is no you shouldn’t be offering it to them.

2.    Give away plenty of the free stuff. I’m talking about good, honest, useful content that you would want to read yourself, whether it is in the format of content emails, links to videos, free products, reports etc.

3.    Don’t email every single day. It’s important to keep in regular contact with your subscribers but there is going to become a point when they become sick of seeing your name in their inbox. Try out different intervals and see what works best for you.

4.    Keep your emails consistent. Subscribers come to expect certain things from you, so make sure you deliver those key values in every single email you send.
Creating a good subscriber relationship is hugely important and the points above aren’t by any means the only ones to consider, but hopefully this gives you a good starting point as to some of the things which build good relationships and create strong loyalty.

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