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Four Common Problems with Websites

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Take a look around the internet and you’ll find some very good websites and some very bad ones. If you want your site to perform well then you need to avoid the four common problems with websites which I have outlined below. These of course are not the only problems but they are some of the main things which stop websites being successful…

1. No call to action or confused call to action

What is the purpose of the webpage? Do you want to capture the visitors email address or do you want them to buy a product? A visitor viewing your page must be able to see exactly what you want them to do. If they are not sure they certainly aren’t going to spend any time deciding. Your call to action must be very clear.

2. Too much on one page and too many distractions

Some web pages are a maze of links, banners, adverts for differing products, feeds, text, images… My advice is to keep your web pages simple and clear. Too many distractions can leave the viewer confused and not knowing how to access the information they want. This also relates back to the point above – don’t distract from your call to action.

3. Too much text

Busy lifestyles dictate that people simply don’t have the time to read lengthy text. Get to the point and keep paragraphs short and spaced out. Use bullet points to show the key information and don’t try to cram everything on a single page.

4. A lack of credibility

People are wary of being scammed and may not trust you if they don’t know much about you or your business. Boost your credibility by including trust logos or accreditations. Also display a privacy policy and provide a clear contact address. It is also worth considering using testimonials.

Choose Web development, Design and Software Application Development online

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Usually people build websites to show their important database of information as contents to the world after observing the benefits. So while we are about to design a website we need to know how to do web design or web development. These days, building websites is not a tough job at all but the help of a professional is always required. The Web Development professionals from Eprompt are skilled, innovative and very important, experienced. So it is obvious that a web developer and a web designer are the only vital parts of an online business.  

Web design means the complete look of a website, the way a visitor sees it. On other hand, Web Development deals with all the features of a website. Eprompt C is a web development company that offer development services and web applications, website designs, and desktop software applications for world wide customers.

Nowadays, the Internet has proven to be the most profitable and powerful way to promote businesses. The Internet became an indispensable channel for the growth of our businesses. To do this, in order to own websites we need programmers, designers with professional packages to help us build our online business. Even if it is about marketing and brand promotion or generating sales or niche penetration, you need to have a database on a website for your business to grow.

Web design is an elementary part of the construction of a website. Successful web design requires continuous efforts on the part of the web designer. Web development is powerfully influenced by the web designers because those need to understand the psychology of the visitors. Eprompt web design has a positive impact on the visitors who seek information from your website.

Eprompt uses a lot of programs, professional tools for web development services. The website development company is in a great demand because of the various advantages they offer. This web design company provides maximum online potentiality with a functional and most important profitable solution for your business. Also Eprompt challenge top web design and development companies and they bring you the best designed web sites and web page development work at affordable prices.

Web designing is a complex process of configuring the electronic files using planning, concepts, ideas, creativity, thinking, digital language etc. Then, the final product is delivered via internet in the form of multiple web pages integrated in a web site. Some websites have only page but it is advisable to have more than five and a website needs to be also easily accessed. The loading time also needs to be short. It is after all constructed for its visitors. Web development step requires quality content to be posted on the website. You must always follow what the customers are looking for, their needs. You need to be creative. Presentation is extremely important. The content of the web pages must be highly qualitative and unique.

The main purpose of the web designing process is to create an informative and unique web site in order to reach top placement in the page results of the most popular search engines.

Know more about Expert Web Development Service Providers

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

In today’s world, information technology is changing very fast and has made rapid progress. This has created many new opportunities for IT services providers. The development of the websites is very closely relevant to the types of available IT services in the present market scenario. Therefore to outsource the development work of the website to the professional service providers is the best way to get your work done. There are various web development companies in the world which are specialized in PHP programming work as well as other popular programming language. Most of these companies use PHP for software development and web design development solutions. These companies are having team of expert and dedicated Drupal Developers, PHP Programmers and Joomla Web developers. Drupal developers and web designers are having enough experience and ideas to offer best solutions to their clients. Also they are prompt in response to any inquiries asked by their clients.

As they created good base, they can provide you with the latest web design, web application development based on the latest technologies using best solutions or custom made application development solutions as per client’s requirements. Their developers are domain experts and have the ability to understand the business ideas of the client and the actual needs of the users of the websites. They offer specific organized content for the websites which help their clients to achieve business goals. Before the work starts, the clients or website owners are asked in detail about their ideas, objectives and requirements. By involving the clients they are able to capture their real requirements, which help to avoid any problems in the development process. Due to that reason Drupal developers will provide their clients a customized open source and an organized implementation of their requirements in their websites. This will help them to reduce the business complexities that may arise and will also minimize the costs of operating the business.

The plus of the open services offered:

  • Easy installation, maintenance and low web hosting costs

  • Cost savings ranges from 25% to 65% compared to developing product from the scratch

Drupal developer helps their clients on how to be more productive in their business. As an outcome the developers are speedily making inroads in the IT domain through their expertise and experience. These developers are experts in various content management system designs such as Drupal Template Integration, Drupal CMS Development, Drupal Extensions Development, Drupal Modules Development, and Drupal Component Customization.


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