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3 Ways of Generating Traffic For Free

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Every website and online business out there needs traffic. You can have the best products in the world but if nobody ever sees them it’s pretty pointless. Ok – so that’s pretty obvious I’m sure you’ll agree, yet generating traffic is something internet marketers seem to really struggle with, especially when they are on a limited budget. So wouldn’t it be great to get targeted traffic and not even have to pay for it? Here are 3 ways of generating traffic for free (there are of course many other ways too…)
1.    Adswaps
An adswap is where two people who have a mailing list join forces and do a reciprocal mailing. This is often done for the purposes of list building but adswaps can be used to advertise pretty much any website or product.
2.      Blog commenting
Blog commenting seems to be a very underrated technique and yet it can be a very effective way of generating traffic. Simply join in the conversation on other blogs in your niche and include your website link when you post your comment. The best comments add something to the original blog post and demonstrate to other people that you are knowledgeable about the subject. In short you want to make people interested in you so that they will check you out.
3.    Viral marketing
The beauty of viral marketing is that you can ‘set it and leave it.’ A viral eBook I created years ago is still generating me traffic to this very day. All you need to do is create an interesting product (whether that is an eBook, short report, video etc) and include a little advertising and links to your websites within it. It helps if it is something unique or quirky, but the main thing is that it provides value in some way. Once you have your product created your job is to initially distribute it and then encourage other people to do the same (just include a message within the product letting people know that they are free to pass it on to other people as they wish.)

Using Contests to Expand Your List and Drive Traffic

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Very few people use the contest technique, even though it’s great for traffic generation…

You will need to have a few people on your list for this to work effectively, or a good number of followers or fans on Twitter or Facebook Pages for example.

The contest will allow you to leverage your list, friends or fans to potentially get thousands more subscribers.

There are some essential keys to creating a successful contest:

·    You need a really good incentive for new people to sign up and decent prizes for your existing subscribers in order to encourage them to get more people to sign up.  These can be your own products, other people’s products, money, electrical items or a coaching session.

·    The contest can be entered by your existing subscribers or followers spreading the word about your free offer.  You can encourage them to do this via Twitter, video, blog posts or a promo email to their list, and then ask them to post what they have done in the comments on your blog.

·    You will need to offer prizes for these actions. You can offer a main prize to the most imaginative way of spreading of the word, or this and a smaller prize to everyone who spreads the word about your free gift.  Offering a prize to everyone will get you more traffic and exposure, but could get expensive.  It really depends on your imagination and what you offer as your prizes.

This is a very exciting way of generating traffic and if you do a big main prize for the most imaginative way of spreading the word about your free gift, you might even learn some new inventive traffic generation methods too.

Free Traffic For Internet Marketers

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

If you’re running an online business, and especially so if you’re just starting out, the chances are you’re on a pretty tight budget. Heck – the whole reason you’re trying to start an online business may very well be that you need to generate some extra cash each month, and if so you probably don’t have loads of money to shell out on generating traffic. On the other hand, you need traffic to have a business, so what you REALLY need is to generate some for free. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Article marketing

It’s the old classic, yet it’s still a very effective method. Write some good quality articles (or get hold of some decent PLR and get it rewritten), and then submit your articles to article directories. In addition, find other websites and blogs in your niche which will accept articles and send them to those too.

  1. Viral marketing

The beauty of viral marketing is that the traffic will come YEARS after you originally set it in motion. Create a good quality eBook or report, include links within the book to websites you want to promote, and get it circulated on the internet. Submit your report to free directories, pass it on to other internet marketers, and create a WSO (not free, but very cheap and well worth it.) If your report is something people want to read then it should go viral pretty quickly.

  1. Blog commenting

This is another one of my favourite methods for generating free traffic. Find other blogs in your niche and look for posts which you can respond to. Join in the conversation, add extra information to the original post, or debate what is being said. When you enter your comment you will be given the opportunity to give your website address. Whenever anyone sees your comment (and if it is an active blog many people WILL) you should generate a number of clicks from each comment.

  1. Twitter marketing

If used in the right way Twitter is an extremely powerful tool. Build up a loyal following and it is possible to generate tons of clicks whenever you need it just from posting a ‘tweet.’

  1. Traffic from your list

I have saved this one for last because in my opinion it is the most important. Once you have a list you can generate traffic on tap and it won’t cost you a thing – all you have to do is to send out an email to your subscribers. Of course you first need to build your list (and there will be cost involved, such as autoresponder fees etc) however having a list is the single most important thing in your online business. Once you have a good list you’ll never look back and it becomes the ultimate way for internet marketers to generate free traffic.

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